Friday, September 04, 2015

Fox Declares War On Black Lives Matter!

Douche Brian Kilmeade and controversial Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke on that network bashing Black Lives Matter. The chyron calls it a "murder movement".

So that network had a Black police chief, a Black pastor, a Black grandmother, a Black talk radio agitator, a Black blogger and now a Black Marine on their programs to discuss Black Lives Matter.

Each of these figures had nothing but criticism towards the group. All of them claiming that Black Lives Matter doesn't give two fucks about police officers and Black-on-Whatever crime.

This systematic attack created by the network to generate the notion that a relativity peaceful group is encouraging anti-police violence.

In the wake of two high profile police shootings, the junk food media has done their best to paint one individual (i.e. the Black suspect) as a representative of Black Lives Matter.

The conservative agitators have decided to make Black Lives Matter a target of the outrage.

You heard the first shots fired by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, right?

She called Black Lives Matter a hate group.

What about Bill O'Reilly?

He said that he vows to take down the group and he will send his lackey Jesse Watters to infiltrate the protests.

And of course, Megyn Kelly and that annoying conservative agitator that follows after her.

They had on Peggy Hubbard, a pro-police activist who made a video slamming the group.. They had on Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke who said the group is nothing but a farce. They had on Jesse Lee Peterson, a Black extremist who attacks Black leaders. They had on David Webb who ran up on protesters trying to question them about rioting and looting. They had on Kevin Jackson, a black talk radio host who openly called DeRay McKesson a "race pimp". They had on Deneen Borelli, a blogger who openly said that President Barack Obama is the "Hip-Hop Commander and Chief".

My question to those reading?

Will Black Lives Matter answer back?

Are they going to allow that network devote its time to painting the whole group as violent extremists?

I mean this is the type of campaign that destroyed Occupy Wall Street. When people were upset over income inequality and corporate greed, activists created the movement.

Occupy Wall Street has been active through 2010-11. When people were protesting at parks, the junk food media was covering it. That network tarred the Occupy Wall Street protesters as unwashed rapists and no job having bums.

That network is working overtime to tie Black Lives Matter to the Democratic Party. The DNC formally acknowledged the plight of the group. That network is now working on calling the Democrats and President Barack Obama, anti-cop supporters.

I guess we can label that network as a "hate group". All is fair in the partisan blame game! Isn't that right Elisabeth?

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