Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Conservative Agitator Dana Loesch Got Shook!

Dana Loesch got trolled and she threw a hissy fit.

I thought the conservative agitating, gun totting mother of three from the outskirts of St. Louis was bigger than that!

The Blaze's Dana Loesch got shook by a stalker online. Loesh got trolled by some nobody who mocked her in a gun training video. She had to call upon the U.S. Justice Department and FBI to find out who the fuck is trolling her with threats on her life.

She appeared in the NRA's "I'm Not A Victim" promotional.

Of course, Loesch uses the "thug" in this promotional.

The troll decided to mix it up a bit.

And holy shit, she got pissed. Matter of fact, she asked her supporters to troll the troll.

The edited version of this ad included Loesch holding a gun, then gunfire and blood spatter. The post was from a Twitter user named Tom Adelsbach, who describes himself as a "Graphic Artist, Website Designer, Flash Animator" from Chicago.

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