Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bill Maher: I Don't Buy Ahmed Mohamed's Clock Story!

Bill Maher believes Ahmed Mohamed is no genius.

The left loves Bill Maher.

Most of the time.

Ahmed is a genius.
The libertarian comedian is turning into an Islamphobe. Bill Maher is agnostic and doesn't support any religion regardless of what it is. He's been very critical recently of Islam.

He believes that the controversy in Irving, Texas was "staged" by activists.

To see this 14 year old teen who had a genius bone get slandered by the likes of Bill Maher, C.J. Pearson, Pam Geller and that old fart Limbaugh should be a reminder of the noise that tries to distract success.

#IStandWithAhmed is a top tending hashtag.

Maher wasn't impressed with the notion of giving Ahmed all this attention. After all, Maher thinks he's ain't a great inventor.

Maher said that liberals need to stop being so politically correct and consider that maybe in a world where young Muslims are making things to blow people up, it doesn’t hurt anyone to be a little cautious.

He said that he just put clock parts into something else and it “looked exactly like a bomb.”

Comedian Dean Obeidallah has called Maher out.

Dean Obeidallah is a comedian and liberal talk radio host who slammed Bill Maher for his hatred of Islam.
Dean Obeidallah is a comedian who has a show on SiriusXM Insight has taken Maher and Pam Geller to task. Dean wants to know why they single out Muslims when there's been a rise in White extremism.

White extremists follow the Christian Identity movement. They believe that Whites are superior and they are justified in the execution of non-White interlopers. Craig Cobb is an example of an extremist that Pam Geller never calls out. They follow the Holy Bible for their guidance of hate.

Maher has but he's so fixated on Muslim teens and the rise of "radical Islam".

After all, the last Muslim teen who built a bomb was.....

I can't remember a Muslim teen ever building a bomb!

Bigotry exist in the United States. Maher isn't afraid of critics slamming him for his stances. I understand that we do have political correctness. It cuts both ways. It's a reason to why Donald Trump is the Republican front runner.

Republicans are proud extremists. They hate holding back their hatred of others who aren't White, male, Christian and rich.

Any thoughts of the controversial stance Maher's taken towards Islam?

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