Monday, September 28, 2015

Why Won't The Media Call The Arizona Concert Bum Rush A Riot?

Tempe concert went bananas! Will the junk food media call it a riot?

A radio station hosted an end of summer concert and some of the fans bum rushed the stage trampling over each other. In Tempe, Arizona, a large suburban city outside of Phoenix hosted this rock concert.

The local junk food media reports that two minors were taken from the Summer Ends Music Festival with life-threatening injuries.

Tempe's fire department, aided by fire departments in Scottsdale and Phoenix, came to the scene after getting reports that as many as 40 people were hurt at the event after concert-goers began rushing the stage.

Concert promoter Tom LaPenna told the Republic that the plug was pulled on Rebelution's set because of "a medical emergency." LaPenna worked to get the fans to move back and allow the medical professionals access to the area in front of the venue's east stage.

One of the headliners was hip-hop rapper/producer/reality turd Kanye West.

What is clear that people were injured! There were probably fans throwing rocks and bottles at the law. There were fans arrested and medical treatment for people dehydrated in the heat.
Notice the words. Stampede. Why don't they call it a riot!
What is missing out of this event, is the fact this is rioting and the jun food media didn't bother acknowledging it as such!

I watched World News Tonight on ABC and heard about this horrific incident.

The junk food media wa quick to attack rioters at the Hot 97 FM Summerjam Concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The agitators were screaming that the unruly Black concert goers were crashing the gates of Met Life Stadium. The fans were screaming and throwing things at the law.

So when will the junk food media  spend a portion of its time covering the riot in Tempe?

I mean a bunch of drunk White party goers who got upset over not enough beer, a lack of safety and a lack of water stations.

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