Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Republican Congress Still Threaten Shutdown Over Planned Parenthood!

Cecile Richards testified in Congress. Many pundits think it was a big sideshow.

If fixing stupid was easy, Washington edition.

While I don't support abortions, I don't believe it's my right to tell a woman whether to keep an unwanted pregnancy. I think women should have the right to make this difficult choice. I learned that a few years back when I dated a woman who I had gotten pregnant with my child. She had an abortion.

Matter of fact, that was probably one of the worst experiences in my life. And most recently, a woman I've dated hid her pregnancy from me. She was pregnant with another man's child.

I learned that I'm too damn nice and I've almost given up on finding love.

The Republicans may stall the government shutdown. Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) is weeping his last role as the House Speaker. His sudden resignation from Congress sparked a major civil war between the establishment and the insurgency.
Finger wagging from lawmakers. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is an insurgent.
The insurgency continues to push Republicans further to the right. They still are fighting battles they'll never win.

Women rights is a very important issue. Planned Parenthood is a women's health clinic that assist women in family planning, women cancer screening, sexual disease treatment, and provide assistance to abortions.

Republicans who hate "big government" believe it's their business to be in a woman's legs.

These Republicans are so fucking stupid.

A majority of Americans polled said that Planned Parenthood is needed. A majority of single issue Republican voters support stripping funding from Planned Parenthood and every abortion provider.
Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) and many of her insurgent members were disrespectful to Planned Parenthood CEO.
Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood was called to testify at a majority Republican committee.

Many of the insurgent lawmakers were interrupting her and tossing around baseless claims about the Planned Parenthood CEO. Matter of fact, they gathered their talking points from the secretly recorded videos provided by an extremist group masquerading as a firm.

The videos that were released in this year were heavily elected and doctored. These videos haven't stopped the Republicans from stripping Planned Parenthood.

They vow to shut down the government if they can't take away a woman's right to choice.

Any thoughts on this controversy.

By the way, insurgent Black lawmaker Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) got a chance to show the country how truly crazy she is.

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