Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Republicans Literally Make Mountains Out Of Bullshit!

Out the trash bin comes former vice president Dick Cheney. He and daughter Liz are pushing a book criticizing President Barack Obama's handling of the war in Iraq.

The former vice president and his lobbyist daughter are pimping out a book criticizing the Iranian deal. Again, pimping this notion that the world is evil and America must stop them.

The former vice president is by far the most hated in American history.

The Republicans often distance themselves from the Bush legacy. The failures of leadership mount through Dick Cheney's influence on George W. Bush. As the right hand man, Cheney will advice the president on where they should go if they were to engage in combat. Bush would lead us into two wars. One in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Those wars cost numerous causalities. It became one of the most costliest wars to ever be on record.

George W. Bush enjoyed high job approval ratings during the September 11th tragedy and first years of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also winning reelection with a steady economy was a plus. The ball was dropped during his second term. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq went south, his job approval went down. When Hurricane Katrina and Rita went down, the Bush legacy went down in flames. Then the economic crash occurred. That put the country in a recession.

This led to the Republicans being thrown out of Congress and Barack Obama becoming the president. When he became the president, the Republicans wasted no time trying to find fault with the new president.

They would immediately start this insurgency movement to undermine the progress the president.

The Republicans went into this narrative that Obama's not working, Obamacare is a disaster, Obama this and Obama that. That helped them win back Congress.

Now the Republicans control Congress and they're back to their old ways. Still acting inept and still trying to blame the president for their own failures. Their failures are causing our country to suffer.

Yet, it's Obama's fault.

Matter of fact, the bitching continues.
Cheney and his daughter wrote a book criticizing President Barack Obama's foreign policies.
The Ohio Republicans are mad that the President Barack Obama issued an executive order changing Mount McKinley to its tribal name Denali. The president travels to Alaska to address climate change and of course grant land to the oil companies. The mountain was named after William McKinley.

House Weeper John Boehner (R-OH), Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) and John Kasich, the clown running for the White House all bitched about it. They believe the president is throwing William McKinley under the bus.

As I watched the junk food media AM shows and political agitators give Cheney and his daughter Liz exposure.

Climbing from underneath the rock, Cheney pimps this notion that the president is not willing to see engagement with dangerous regimes such as Iran. He also blames the president for the mandatory troop withdrawal from Iraq. The Islamic State has grown in power and Republicans are seething for another war engagement.

Their book is basically a critique of President Barack Obama's handling of Iraq and the rise of the Islamic State. Also added their criticism of the Iranian deal.

The former vice president claims the president doesn't believe in American exceptionalism.

This book Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America is released today and it's certainly a talked about book.

Also conservative agitators are willing to book him and Liz on their shows. They ask if they're surprised about the rise of Donald Trump and the fall of Jeb Bush.

Cheney without endorsing said that Trump is an example of the anger at Obama and Hillary Clinton.

So are you willing to buy the book?

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