Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cincinnati Fires Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell Out The Cannon!

Cincinnati fired top cop after allegations of misuse of power came forth.

The Cincinnati city manager Harry Black loaded the chief of the police in and let the cannon fire.

Jeffery Blackwell was fired out the cannon Tuesday. He was given a vote of no confidence.

Cincinnati seen an increase in gun crimes. There's a rise in property thief. The junk food media gave negative coverage to three events under his watch. The riot at Fountain Square, the death of Officer Sonny Kim and the Sam DuBose shooting were the factors to his cannon firing. The city leaders said that he has lacks the motivation of leadership.

John Cranley was not a happy camper to hear that the city wasn't prepared during the All Star Game.

Matter of fact, Blackwell was embarrassing the city. It's almost similar to the antics of Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke. The antics were so bad, cops were waiting for that cannon firing.

Armed with two blistering reports on the department's morale and the chief's leadership, City Manager Harry Black portrayed the chief as a poor manager who belittled his staff and broke department rules. He said Blackwell badgered underlings for free tickets to sporting events, improperly approved overtime for his favorite officers and treated other staff members so badly they sought psychological counseling.

Through it all, Black said, the chief tried to burnish his own image at the expense of his officers and his department, most notably when officers accused him this summer of stopping to take selfies with passersby during the funeral procession of fallen officer Sonny Kim.

Blackwell threatens to retaliate against Cranley and Black by filing a lawsuit against the city.

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