Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Woman Who Slammed Black Lives Matter Goes Viral!

The racist right fawn over a Black woman who rants about Black Lives Matter.

The racist right is in full troll mode.

Peggy Hubbard is the newest toy for the racist right. This woman got some airtime after she posted a rant about Black Lives Matter. The woman would slam the group for ignoring Black-on-whatever crime.

Heavy reports the new found fame Hubburd got on the social media to rant about how the Black Lives Matter activists found outrage for a "thug" instead of an innocent young girl.

Hubbard was a native of Ferguson, Missouri, but now lives in Rockville, Illinois. According to her Facebook page, she’s a Navy veteran who has since retired from working at the IRS. She’s shown on social media to be a motorcycle enthusiast, her photos show her at events featuring bikers and the confederate flag.
Jamyla Bolden was gunned down by a stray bullet in Ferguson.
She was upset over the killing of Jamyla Bolden, a 9-year old girl who was killed in Ferguson. The junk food media claims that she was a victim of the bullet with no eyes. A drive-by in her neighborhood. The bullet flew through her home and striking her while she was doing her homework.

Many residents came out to show solidarity and outrage to the death of the innocent young girl.

What inspired Hubbard to post a video?

She claimed that Black Lives Matter was more interested in the shooting of an alleged suspect Mansur Ball-Bey. The protest came after allegations of the law shooting that man in the back after he was fired at them.

Ferguson and St. Louis Police are under federal investigation for allegations of police brutality.

The residents have long complained about the law roughing them up for years. Some have turned their back on the law when it comes to aiding them when a crime occurs.
Mansur Ball-Bey was gunned down by the law after they claimed he pointed a firearm at them.
Last night, who do you think they protested for? The thug. The criminal. Because they’re hollering police brutality. Are you fucking kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality. You black people, my black people, you are the most violent motherfuckers I have ever seen in my life.

You’re hollering this ‘black lives matter’ bullshit. It don’t matter. You’re killing each other. White people don’t care … You’re shooting at the police. They drop your ass. ‘Oh, he died due to police brutality.’ 327 homicides later y’all want to holler police brutality? Black people, you’re a fucking joke. You’re tearing up communities over thugs and criminals.

Hubbard’s cause has been picked up by several media outlets, notably conservative outpost The Blaze. On the night of August 24, she appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Of course, this gets airplay.

Many in the racist right were cheering this on. Matter of fact, Don Lemon was so eager to have Hubbard on to explain her rant.

Lemon clarified that Black Lives Matter attended the event. He also read some responses from critics and supporters of the rant. She responds back to her critics by using these words, "Bite Me".

Black Lives Matter also responded back to her through social media.

Here's an example of the racist right supporting Peggy Hubbard

World News Today send our condolences to the Jamyla Bolden and Mansur Ball-Bey

Any thoughts on the matter?

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