Friday, August 28, 2015

Tyga's Ride Broke Down In West Kardashian!

The junk food media believe T-Raww is dating a gold digger. His relationship with Kylie Jenner is destroying his funds.

The embattled rapper is going broke fast. His controversial relationship with celebrity agitator Kylie Jenner is costing him money. Many believe that he can't afford the luxury. Now that he's at odds with Cash Money Records, he has no meal ticket. 

Tyga with Blac Chyna and their child.
The meal ticket was the $20 million signing bonus. When he put his label on blast for delaying the Last Kings: The 18th Dynasty Album, he took to the internet to blast the label. The label CEO Bryan "Birdman" Williams told Tyga and Lil' Wayne (by whom he's feuding with as well), that you'll be "blackballed" if you fuck with the money. 

Sure enough, Tyga got blackballed. Now that's he's fired from the label, he will have to managed to make hits on his own. He can't crawl back after burning bridges.

He sure did. The album was quietly released in June and pulled in a measly 3,500 copies sold. Even his collaboration album with Chris Brown (Fan of a Fan) managed to get in 135,000 copies sold.

Those two albums were considered flops. And now that he ain't got the back up from Drake and Nicki Minaj, it's pretty much him and the always busy Kanye West.

West is prepping for his new album and his second child with his wife, the infamous celebrity agitator Kim Kardashian-West.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tyga (Michael Ray Nyguen Stevenson) is worth $5 million.

Okay. He just blew a lot on a ride for Kylie. He bought a $350,000 whip on lease. So it may be a temporary ride. He was forced to owe up on his home. The court ruled that he best fork over $100K or face punitive damages. He also owes back child support for King Cairo, his son with ex-wife Blac Chyna. He also owes that state of California.

He and his girl Kylie were wasting the much needed H2O. California has a stern rationing ordinance in effect after numerous years of drought. Many entertainers and lawmakers have to follow the rules or be fined heavily.
Tyga's much talked about relationship with Kylie Jenner is confirmed. He is officially dating the 18 year old celebrity agitator. He once claimed that he wants to "knock her up". How much money will that cost him?
Tyga is no exception. He will have to owe up for traffic violations as well. 

Damn. It seems like people are clowning on T-Raww. I am not surprised. He bit the hand that fed him and burned so many bridges. Now he's getting blackballed.

Drake destroyed his career. Drake managed to destroy the gangsta images of Meek Mill and Tyga. 

Now I've heard that Tyga got a reality television show on MTV2 while his baby mama Blac Chyna is working with Amber Rose on a reality television show on MTV.

Ouch. His baby mama got a better gig than he did.

This is result of being blackballed in the junk food media. 

Is Tyga dating a gold digger?

Welcome to West Kardashian.

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