Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Sean Hannity Word Vomit II!

Count how many times he mentions Barack Obama's name!

The country's most annoying conservative agitator is a serial name dropper. So far if you listen to three hours on AM and one hour on that network, you will hear Obama's name dropped over 100 times.

Sean Hannity can't go a day without making a snide remark about the president, Hillary Clinton, liberalism and the junk food media. The constant insults, the constant hand ringing, the constant mentions of 20th Century policies and history has this guy stuck in the past.

He brings up the very same regurgitated stuff you hear from the other AM agitators. What makes him so annoying is that he doesn't seem to care if he's liked or not. As long as he can drop Obama in a sentence, he's done his job right.

That old fart Rush Limbaugh at least takes a moment to get off the Obama addiction. I mean he'll bring up Clinton and other things, but he doesn't go 100 miles and running on Obama like Sean Hannity.

He was voted the worst cable news host to ever host a program. Not many people believes him to a be a serious journalist. Many Republicans believe that he will destroy their chances at winning elections.

I've talked so much about him, I'm starting to get tired of it. Ignoring him is probably the one thing we would love to do. But it's something about him that draws the 15 million listeners and 2.3 million viewers.

Sean Hannity seems like a good person. I mean he's pretty damn honest about his views about President Barack Obama.

You have to picture him as the guy in the group who you have a beer with. Once you turn on a television and the face of a politician comes on, he'll go into an epic rant about it and turn the entire group off.

For over eight years, I've heard Sean Hannity ramble on about how the government is a mess, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton are liberal this, liberal that! So far, he's broken a record of repetitiveness. He has mentioned radical Islam, Donald Trump and curmudgeon more than I've expected.

No one is saying Sean Hannity is a bad person. Matter of fact, he seems like a normal guy minus the college Republican jock behavior. He is a well paid agitator. He deserves credit for being a force to helping push conservatism into the mainstream.

However, he's an example of what's wrong with the Republican Party.

Sean Hannity has tendency to repeat himself over and over again. It's probably because he has either OCD, ADHD or mild bipolar disorder. I am not a medical doctor, but its pretty clear that this annoying agitator has some form of disorder.

Here's some of the most frequently said words on that agitator's program

Obama (Barack, Obamacare, Michelle)
The President
Great American
Radicalism (in regards to liberalism)
Radical Islam
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Blame Bush
The Power of the Purse
Ground and Pound
Neville Chamberlain
Evil In Our Time
Anointed One
Big Time AJ, What's Going On Baby.... (in reference to extremist Black caller)
MSNBC (or NBC News)
Ed Schultz
The Great One...(Ratface Mark Levin)
Charging like a football player
That Thrill Up His Leg (Chris Matthews statements on Obama)
Louis Farrakhan
Muslim Brotherhood
Sista Soulja Moment
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)
Martha's Vineyard
Al Sharpton
Jesse Jackson
Jeremiah Wright
Bill Ayers
Bernadine Dohorn
Shir'a Law
I Gotta Tell You Something Else Here
Benjamin Netanyahu
The Left
Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
Radical Mullahs
46 47 50 Million On Food Stamps
90 92 93 Million Are Not Working
Ronald Reagan
Energy Independent
Drill (for oil)
Doomed To Repeat It
Under This President...

Now here's your challenge. Here are some BINGO boards with some of the most frequently mentioned themes of Sean Hannity. If you can listen to three hours of his radio show or one hour of his right wing carnival, you may be able to mark your board.


Are you familiar with his word vomit?

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