Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rand Paul Is An Epic Disaster!

If he bows out, he will at least continue his bid for the senate. But he may face a primary challenger. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) may be wrapping up his clown car bid.

Even though, he's still in this clown car, the Kentucky senator is struggling. I mean he's really in danger of being the first or even second casualty of the war.

Rand Paul, one of the Stallmigos running started off in the lead. But as soon as The Donald got into the race, the Paul campaign went up in smoke. I mean he's really in dire straights.

Right now, the state Republican leaders are deciding on a choice, should he run as a candidate for the White House or a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The Republicans are more likely focused on protecting the majority in the senate.

It seems like he's lucky for now. Kentucky Republicans approved his bid for the clown car and senate.

Paul hasn't gotten many endorsements from fellow lawmakers. Even Mitch The Turtle (R-KY) isn't endorsing his bid for the clown car. The majority leader doesn't give two fucks about him.

Donald Trump embarrassed his ass by saying that how can you have a candidate run for president and the senate at the same time. It like Kentucky residents are getting candidate who reluctantly wants to run for the senate if he falls out the clown car.

Paulites are a hot mess. They can't figure whether Paul has the juice.

Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are courting for Paulites. Should he bow out, the libertarian supporters are up for grabs. Should they embrace the libertarian candidate, Bernie Sanders or another Republican, it's likely a choice that goes bittersweet.

Paul isn't his father.

At least his father had more balls.

Ron Paul was a candidate that made sense until he opened his mouth. He just couldn't keep his trap shut when it came to his past sins. And his past sins of course follow his son.

So what's your thoughts on the sputtering Rand Paul?

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