Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mississippi Couple Could Face Federal Time Out For Da'eesh Hookup!

Feds stop American couple from joining extremist group in Syria.

The Islamic State is a popular breeding ground for the reclusive. Again the most dangerous individual to cause mass causalities are the "NICE GUYS". Yeah, the people who some think are innocent and never would ever do something like this. There are some American people sympathetic to the extremist group's causes. That brings a whole lot of concern to the U.S. Homeland Security and Justice Departments. Some are leaving their families to join the group many in the world call the most dangerous bunch of terrorists since the rise of al-Qaeda.

Of course, many American Muslims denounce the Islamic State. It's also dubbed Da'eesh.

Some supporters are trying to find ways to duck the feds by coding their words. Apparently two Mississippi residents didn't expect the feds were watching. They were caught by their own mistakes.

Socializing online with groups they believe are supporters of the Islamic State. Nope, they the feds.

An American couple was stopped at the gate. They got hitched this year and the plan was going to a country that wasn't Turkey and then sneak into Syria to join the extremist group.

22 year old Muhammad "Mo" Oda Dakhlalla and his wifey 20 year old Jaelyn Delshaun Young-Dakhlalla were nabbed by the feds after they were trying to leave a Mississippi airport. They were going to do an untraceable flight plan.

Not so fast.

The two are being held on federal conspiracy charges which can carry up to 25 years in federal time out. The charges are a devastating blow to the families.

The young woman was a star athlete and student. Her mom is a principal at a school and her father is a part of the law.  The young man was a star student. He was a shy, quiet kid who had name recognition but no play in high school. His father is a imam at a local mosque. The family were average middle class and were shocked to hear this.

Family members did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Both are former Mississippi State University students, according to university spokesperson Sid Salter. Dakhlalla, of Starkville, Mississippi, graduated in the spring with a degree in psychology, and Young was last enrolled in the spring as a sophomore studying chemistry.

Ken Coghlan, an attorney representing Young, declined to comment to reporters outside the federal courthouse in Oxford, Mississippi, after a hearing there Tuesday. Greg Park, a federal public defender representing Dakhlalla, also declined to comment.

An affidavit filed in U.S. District Court details how two undercover FBI employees unraveled the alleged scheme.

The couple described their skills and asked how they could help the terror group's efforts. "I am good with computers, education and media," Dakhlalla allegedly wrote in one message to an FBI employee. "What could I contribute?" Young also allegedly told an undercover FBI agent that her skills would be useful. "I am skilled in math and chemistry and worked at an analytical lab here on my college campus. My partner is very good with things like computer science/media. We learn very fast and would love to help with giving medical aid."

In messages detailed in the complaint, the couple seemed enthusiastic, but also concerned about how training would work once they arrived. "Salaam again," Dakhlalla allegedly wrote in a message to an FBI employee. "I wanted to ask about the military experience there. Would I be with people that speak English as well or do they put me with everyone at basic training? I am excited about coming ... but I feel I won't know what all I will be doing."

They showed sympathy to the last incidents of mass murder. The Chattanooga shooting and the failed Garland shooting.

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