Monday, August 10, 2015

Michigan Lawmakers Hide Affair By Running Self-Inflicted Smear Campaign!

Michigan lawmakers knew that they were really close. They didn't think it involved a sexual tryst. The state investigators and the feds are looking into a political corruption scandal involving two state lawmakers who admit trying to run smear campaign.

I don't give two fucks about a person's personal business. I mean I am really stupid for even botehring doing this. You can't deny human nature. In the so-called political correctness crowd, there's no exception to the rules. When you sponsor policies or bills that oppress one group, you leave yourself out there for criticism. If you get caught up in situation, you get trolled by the opposition. I mean it's hard to determine who managed to put the business out there.

Two lawmakers are facing pressure from the Michigan state Republicans to exit stage left. The two were recently caught up in an affair. One tried to make it look like a plot by political operatives.

Unfortunately, one of the staffers didn't want to put himself in a situation where he would have to face federal time out. So he now leaks the conversation to the junk food media and trouble ensues.

These so called insurgents were big time players in their opposition of equal marriage.

Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser (R) was caught on tape attempting to get an aide to assist him in creating an anonymous email smearing himself with a rumor of a hook-up with a gay prostitute behind a nightclub prior to word getting out that he was having an affair with fellow lawmaker Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R).

Courser is a married father of four. Gamrat is a married mother of three. They admit that an affair occurred but they both deny they've done anything wrong and won't resign.

But you know pressure comes when your Republican brethren, the local junk food media and national agitators get into the business of shaming hypocrites.

The long and rambling recording blames his former staffers, Ben Graham, Josh Cline and Keith Allard, for colluding with the Lansing "mafia" establishment to bring him down. And it didn't work, he said, because he's decided to stay in office to expose the "political shenanigans" that are happening in Lansing.

"The e-mail was put in motion to disrupt the blackmailer and give me some clues as to the surveillance of my life. It was all done in a pressure cooker and … it put me in a situation where a bad choice was the choice that I made," he said, noting the alleged blackmailer's intent was to get him to resign.

The sex scandal rumors that have been swirling around Lansing for months involve Courser's attempts to cover up an extra-marital affair with Gamrat. He said he sent the anonymous e-mail on May 20 to people around Lansing that claimed he was a sexual deviant as a means to expose the blackmailer.

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