Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Melissa Gilbert Vows To Beat An Insurgent Lawmaker!

Melissa Gilbert considering a bid for Congress.

Another entertainer is testing the waters. Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) are successful entertainers who became Washington lawmakers. Who knows? Could it happen again?

Actress Melissa Gilbert has announced that she will run for U.S. Congress as a Democrat against insurgent Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI).

Gilbert is formerly a child actress who appeared on the hit drama Little House on The Pierre. 

Gilbert wants to help the middle class and become a champion for women's rights. 

"I’m running for Congress to make life a little easier for all the families who feel they have fallen through the cracks in today’s economy," she wrote on her campaign website. "I believe building a new economy is a team effort, and we need to bring fresh voices to the table to get the job done."

Gilbert, 51, who is "particularly attuned to issues confronting women, children and families," according to a press release from the Democratic Party, will be running against against the incumbent, Republican Mike Bishop. The actress lives in Livingston County with her husband of two years, actor and Michigan native Timothy Busfield.

Like with Donald Trump, many entertainers are frustrated with the lawmakers in Washington.

The grassroots motivation by the Tea Party (referred as the insurgency) and Black Lives Matter (referred as the New Black Power Movement) have clashed often times. Many established lawmakers can't control this. 

It's likely due to President Barack Obama's grassroots motivation. Obama was once a community organizer who made campaigning interesting. He managed to supercharge his bid by connecting through social media. Republicans sought the same formula that helped them win Congress in 2014. 

The Republicans have done grassroots organization in 2014 to send nine senate Democrats home. 
Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI) welcomes a challenge.
Since 2015, Republicans have struggled to find the message. The conservatives pressure for stronger pushback. The moderates and independents pressure for compromise and slow walkback. 

The Democrats have no strong message either. They are still reeling from their defeat. Their defeat has made it clear. No matter what they tell the public, it's not enough.

President Barack Obama's job approval is stalled at 48%. It's not helpful to the Democrats who fear losing three more competitive Senate seats.

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and retiring Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid's (D-NV) seat are going to be the most vulnerable.

Democrats are struggling. Would Gilbert's run prove to be another disaster in the making?

Bishop is a freshman lawmaker who replaced Mike Rogers. Rogers is now a conservative agitator on AM radio. Bishop was the former State Majority Leader from 2002 to 2010.

The 8th Congressional District is R+2 which is considered a politically lean Republican district. It's going to possibly be a competitive district if the Democrats mount a strong offense.

Bishop will mount a strong defense. Obviously he is going to label her a "Hollywood Elitist Liberal" and the like. He'll have a friend with him willing to do his dirty work.

Any thoughts on the matter? 

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