Thursday, August 06, 2015

Darren Wilson: I Have No Regrets To Killing Michael Brown!

No regrets for what was done.

The former Ferguson cop comes out of hiding expressing his thoughts on that day in August where he confronted Michael Brown. The confrontation became a deadly encounter. That touched off a serious discussion of racial profiling, police reform and the media's perception of Black men.

Yes, we're one year into the deaths of Eric Garner, John Crawford and Michael Brown. They are dead and the men who killed them are walking free without any regrets for what they've done.

Of course Darren Wilson cashed in. Upon resigning he received over $800K in donations. He is in talks with a book deal and he's talked to some outlets that are willing to hear his story.

The New Yorker Magazine has gotten a chance to talk to Wilson about his life since the incident.

He and his wife have been very reclusive. They often never show their faces in public other than for moments to get fuel and groceries. He blames the junk food media for elevating the event.

Michael's mother Leslie McFadden is not happy about the notion that Darren Wilson had no regrets to opening fire on her son.

She said at first she thought this was a joke for him to express sorrow for himself and her son. But when it came down to how he senselessly murdered her son, there's no need for apologies.

Leslie won't accept it.

The only thing that she would accept his him place in the iron college for murder.

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