Sunday, August 09, 2015

Bernie Sanders: I Sympathize With Black Lives Matters!

Bernie got mic checked by Black Lives Matter activists.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is running in the clown car for the Democratic nomination. He is the only candidate so far to be at least in competition with front runner, perennial candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic contender is making rounds in the Pacific Northwest. His stop in a friendly territory was interrupted by two activists with the Black Lives Matters movement.

Again the activists crash his campaign stop with chants of  "You're not listening" and "You got to learn why Black Lives Matter".

Sanders pulls over 15,000 supporters to his event in Seattle. His supporters were very happy to see him. Two supporters were happy to see him as well. Those two supporters were so happy they jump the stage and stole the show. And it managed to capture the attention of the junk food media.

"If you do not listen to us, your event will be shut down," says the activists now identified Mara Willaford and Marissa Johnson.

She decried that even though Seattle is progressive, it still anchors White supremacist views masquerading as liberalism.

"I was going to tell Bernie how racist [Seattle] is, filled with its progressives, but did it for me", says Willaford. She was concerned about the law's brutal practices on citizens. The U.S. Justice Department is currently looking into the Seattle police.

So after the activists asked the protesters to give a few minutes of silence for slain Michael Brown and Christian Taylor, some booed it.

Sanders decided to wrap it up. He figured that he couldn't get much out knowing that the activists were determined to "shut it down".

"I think it is unfortunate because among other things I wanted to talk about the issues of black lives," Sanders said following the interrupted rally.

"They didn't want to hear anything," the senator told CNN's Dan Merica. Sanders went on to express his disappointment of not being able to speak at an event he was invited to.

Here's the videos of the confrontation. Sanders was talking about the Black Lives Matter issue back in June. He was extremely focused on that during his campaign stop.

Sanders will head to Portland today and then for California. He will head to Lynchburg to speak at the ultra conservative Liberty University this week.

Sanders would greet his supporters and tell the junk food media, that he sympathizes with them. They have a right to address their issues.

Last month, Black Lives Matter activists crashed the Netroots Convention. Sanders and Martin O'Malley were interrupted by the activists in Phoenix.

Sanders and Clinton get a fraction of coverage. Unfortunately, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiornia, John Kasich, Ben Carson, Scott Walker Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Chris Christie get most of the airtime. The junk food media is so invested in the Republican clown car.

The rest of them Martin O'Malley, Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb are not even getting an ounce of junk food media attention. Even the biggest gathering of progressive activists at Netroots gets no media coverage. When the conservatives gathered for CPAC, the junk food media went right to it and gave it wall to wall coverage.

By the way, the Black Lives Matters activists proved a point. The reaction on social media to them crashing Bernie Sanders's political event was met with harsh criticism. White liberals concern trolls say that Black Lives Matter is "played out".

I don't know. Should we inform the folks over at the Tumblr blog Racist Get Fired?

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