Friday, August 07, 2015

Back To The Basics!

Jobs report for July was modest. 

The job report for the month of July will likely be ignored since the nation is talking about the Republican debate. The debate being held in Cleveland was a total train wreck. No frequent mentions of jobs, infrastructure, jobless rate or unemployment.

It's like ever since Barack Obama came into office, the Republicans made opposing him their primary focus. The Republicans have been devoted to stopping Obamacare. The president signed the healthcare law and the Republicans mission is to repeal the whole law despite it being ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court.

The jobs report will determine how our economy is moving.

So it remains at 5.3 percent with July pushing 215,000 jobs. The jobs are coming in steady.

That means the possibly of the federal reserve opening the possibility of raising the interest rate.

Construction and private sector jobs are putting it down. It's coming in with great expertise.

Good for the Congress to get the ball rolling on infrastructure spending. The Congress will spent five weeks with constituents and are under pressure to pass a long term bill for highway funding.

The Congress passed a stop-gap measure. The infrastructure bill had the defund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare repeal attached to it. It was defeated in the Senate.

Some agitators would interject that there are 93 million who are not working. By saying that 1/3 of the nation isn't working is dubious. But since conservatives love to complain, they'll never believe it.

Of course if you blend the numbers, under 16, the disabled, those in the iron college, and retiring age, I am guessing that they'll conclude with that notion. But of course, we can fudge the numbers.

In reality there are 10 million who are not working. The average age of the working class 16 to 54.

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