Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Curtain Closes On Michael Sam!

Michael Sam quits football. The curtain falls on the first openly gay football player. He can now say he's a washed up celebrity. 

I guess the fame has passed. The world was hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, Michael Sam didn't offer that. His surprising admission that he is openly gay and he wanted to join the NFL gotten so much attention in 2013. 

The sports community was wondering if the league was ready to have an openly gay player.

It didn't happen. 

Michael Sam was the player of the year. He was the defensive back for the University of Missouri (MIZZOU) Tigers. He was drafted for the St. Louis Rams. He was picked 267 out of the 350 picks. He was quickly cut after he failed to maintain a successful catching records.  He won a ESPY award for his courage.

He would soon get a pick on the Dallas Cowboys reserve squad. It didn't last but less than seven months.

He would end up on reality television. The washed up celebrity show Dancing With The Stars had him on the recent season. He was cut in the fourth week after failing to match to other competitors.

Then apparently he ended up playing for the Canadian Football League. He was drafted for the Montreal Alouettes. He signed a two year contract with the team. But after few months on the team he gave it up for no apparent reason.

I am guessing he and his boyfriend are broken up as well. He was planning on marrying Vito Cammisano his longtime partner. 

Sam claims that he's giving up on football. He said that he's been treated for mental issues. 

Any thoughts on this?

Was Michael Sam the "great hype" or just a giant hype?

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