Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Righties Created The #BabyLivesMatter Movement!

This is being spread around by conservatives. They're bitching about the junk food media ignoring their anti-abortion rally to discuss an American hunter's reckless call to kill a lion.

Contenders for the clown car were in Washington for a rally to stop the women's health organization Planned Parenthood. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Benjamin Carson, and Mike Huckabee have decided to join the #BabyLivesMovement.

This movement is sparked by undercover videos of Planned Parenthood.

Conservatives demand Congress strip funding for Planned Parenthood after undercover videos revealed executives sharing stories of selling body parts of dead fetuses.

The House and Senate are planning on a procedural vote before they take another vacation.

If they passed this bill, expect President Barack Obama will veto it. The Republicans don't have enough to override the veto.

So it will likely die in the process.

This defund Planned Parenthood protest was largely ignored by the media. It's been determined that the videos were deceptively edited and the full videos show no incriminating evidence of Planned Parenthood selling body parts. But you can't tell that to the conservatives.

The conservatives are pissed over the media coverage of an American hunter killing an endangered species. I hate to admit this, but conservatives are comparing the videos of Planned Parenthood to Walter Palmer's shooting of a protected lion.
Center For Medical Progress
Graphic images of Planned Parenthood doing research.
Palmer is a dentist from Minnesota shot and killed a lion that Zimbabwe monitored. This event sparked global outrage. The American dentist went into hiding and is facing possible criminal charges.

I will discuss the Cecil the Lion story in a moment.

Again, women don't look at termination as a pleasant experience. Nobody believes termination is a good thing. But again, in the case of a woman's health its done when they believe that a termination is worth saving the life of the woman.

Do you want a rape victim to be impregnated by her rapist?

Do you believe that woman should have babies?

Okay, since conservatives are so obsessed with the notion that abortions killed Black babies, say if the woman decides to keep the baby. If a woman (especially of color) has many children but struggles with finances, would conservatives complain that she's emboldened to the gubmint plantation of welfare and food stamps?

The things that concern trolls say about the lives of victims.

In the case of Sandra Bland, she's a marijuana in her system. She got mouthy with the officer. She hung herself in the cell. She was suicidal. She should have put out her cigarette.

In the case of Sam DuBose, he shouldn't have pulled away. The officer had the right to plug him one in him. He had a gin bottle in his ride. The cop loses because of a thug.

In the case of McKinney, those teens shouldn't have been at the pool. Those teens ran up on the officer. The teens were the ones who started the fight. It was a private community. They were all thugs. That young girl shouldn't gotten mouthy with the officer. The officer had a right to pull on the teens because he didn't know if the teens had a weapon.

In the case of the Charleston terrorist Dylann Roof. He wasn't a racist. He had mental issues. He ruined his sister's wedding plans. The gun wasn't responsible for the death of nine church goers. The Confederate Flag is about heritage not hate. The media is overreacting to this.

In the case of Freddie Gray, he's was on heroin and marijuana. He staged his injuries. He was banging his head while he was riding in transport. He had a criminal record. He had a switch blade on him.
Concern troll Ted Nugent.
In the case of Cecil, why are they getting upset over a lion when there's an organization devoted to killing babies?

In the case of gun control and gun rights it's usually a word vomit. One moment they say that Obama shouldn't meddle with the Second Amendment. They believe that guns would solve problems. But in the same sentence they would blame Obama for not talking about every gun crime in America. Don't you liberals care about the gun shootings in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Cleveland?

Notice a pattern with conservatives. Always blame the victim. Find a tangent. Deflect a topic until it becomes less of a topic. Next tragedy happens and conservatives will say now isn't the time for change.

The junk food media chases the shiny coin.

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