Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Long Hot Summer.....

The South rocked by possible arson at predominately Black churches.

First things first, we start of the month of July with the report of the Klan making a trip to Columbia, South Carolina to protest the proposal to remove the Confederate flag from the state capitol grounds.

Then there was a disturbance in which a man instigated a riot near the capitol grounds. The man was a supporter of the Confederate flag and he deliberately drove through to taunt the Black protesters.

That situation managed to attract the conservative Craigslist attention. After all, what could spook White folks more than a man being pummeled by a bunch of Black people.

Conservatives would find #BLACKLIVESMATTER hashtag merged with #RACIALMOBVIOLENCE

Then we have unexplained Black church burns in the South.

Macon, Memphis, Tallahassee, Warrenville, S.C. , Knoxville, and Charlotte were the scene where possible burns may have been the works of White extremists.

The FBI and state authorities are trying to connect the dots. Could this have been a hate crime?

Since that White terrorist killed nine innocent victims at Emmanuel AME Church, the calls for gun control and the removal of the Confederate flag have gotten louder.

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