Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tensing Needs $1M Get Out Free Card!

Tensing in court. Being held on a $1 million get out free card.

Ray Tensing the former University of Cincinnati police officer who is indicted in the murder of unarmed motorist Sam DuBose appeared in court today. The get out free card is $1 million to get out of the iron college.

This controversy is getting major news attention.

Tensing a year on the UC police force stopped Sam for a missing front plate.

Prosecutor Joe Deters threw the book at him. He said that the evidence clearly shows that Tensing violated policy and deliberately lied about how this event happened.

Tensing ran with this story that Sam tried to drag him with the vehicle. Even two other officers claimed this event occurred. What Deters saw was a reckless call and a callous murder of a motorist.

For what, a missing front plate...seriously!

Deters said that Tensing had no business ever being a cop.....Ouch!

In the Hamilton County Ohio Court, the judge was none to kind to him. She ordered him to remain in lockup and have no contact with the family. Of course as the bond and holding was read, some in the courtroom disrupted the hearing. The judge was not kind to them as well.

A loud applause came when the bond was placed. The judge Megan Shanahan wasn't amused by the reaction. She told those in court to fly right or have a court date for contempt.
Who is the suspect here?
Tensing plead not guilty. He will have another court date in August. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Okay, DeRay McKesson is watching this and noticed something about the junk food media's portrayal of the suspect and the victim.

He saw that they ran the mugshot of Sam and uniformed Tensing. The images are to make you believe that Sam was the aggressor and Tensing was the officer protecting himself. The junk food media is getting blasted by the image posted above.

This stuff is common among the racist right. Now I can assure you that it's probably an editor's mistake but way too often they want to take the most offensive pictures of Black victims and run them.

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