Thursday, July 02, 2015

Rozay Gets A Free Card But Loses The Crib!

Boss up come $$$$. Rozay on home detention without a home.

Out of county lockup, Def Jam rapper Rick Ross has to give the keys of home to the state of Georgia. In order to get out and lawyer up, William Leonard Roberts II has to lose his rides, his clothes, his U.S. passport and the keys to the crib.

So while he gears up for a state trial, the Maybach Music Group CEO now wears a shiny ankle bracelet and probably banned from leaving the United States.

The allegations towards the 39 year old rapper stem from an associate getting a sliver shiner over the head. The victim claims he was pistol whipped by Rozay and his boys.

Rozay and his body man were apprehended in a U.S. Marshal "NO KNOCK" arrest.

It took $5 million to get out of Fayette County lockup.

Kidnapping alone carries up to 20 in the iron college. But the assault and use of weapon in robbery could put the rapper on ice.

Looks like Rozay needs to get back in the studio and record some albums.

Gucci Mane has record songs, put out mixtapes and digital albums while serving his three year federal time out on gun charges.

Rozay better stay relevant while he still got time. Once you're in the iron college, that freedom to make music is limited to recorded phone calls and special privileges to hear production samplers.

It looks like the charges are serious enough for him to be forking out.

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