Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Paula Deen Still Digging The Brown Out Of Her Ass!

What more can Paula Deen do to improve her image?

Food Network cooked her goose in 2013.

Now celebrity chef Paula Deen is trying to rebuild her image.

But today, the representatives for Paula and Bobby Deen tell the junk food media that her social media posting of Bobby in blackface was reckless. They posted on Twitter and it was quickly scrubbed after the outrage.

Deen wanted to do her best "I Love Lucy" impression. So she decides to throw on a red wig and the trademark dress Lucille Ball wore and Bobby decided to put a little brown in his act. In order to look like Ball's real life husband Desi Arnaz, Bobby slapped some brown makeup on and wore the sweater vest.
Bobby getting a work over.
Harmless parody?

A few years back, a shocking lawsuit came forth telling the junk food media that Deen and her sons were disrespecting Black customers at her Georgia restaurants.

She and her son even uttered NIGGER to a female worker.
Not funny.
Walmart and other national brands severed ties with her. Deen's restaurants took a nosedive during the first quarter of 2014.

She went to the junk food media to tearfully make an apology. The first time she apologized, she acted like it wasn't a big deal. So the second time, must have been the charm.

Roku was about to help Deen back into the mainstream. The Paula Deen Network was scrubbed.

You know that Jamie also caught flack too. At one of the restaurants that Paula owns, he the manager of the place. He wanted to be a real comedian. So he asked his older Black staffer to pose in a picture with him and they do a lip lock while Jamie's wife took the picture.

That went viral.....Jamie was forced to apologize for this picture.

Bobby and Jamie are celebrity chefs like their mom.

Your thoughts on it?

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