Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Omaha's Baby-Face Gangsta Becomes The Talk Of The Nation!

Boy facing murder charges in Omaha.

The racist right found its newest boogeyman, a 12-year old Nebraska boy who will be charged as an adult in the murder of a man in a botched armed robbery.

Jarrell Milton was caught by the law aided by the U.S. Marshals.

He was hanging out in Minneapolis over a stack of miles from the city of Omaha.

The conservative Craigslist of course linked the story to The Smoking Gun website. I wouldn't be surprised that the first thing to come in social media word vomit section is NIGGER or OBAMA.

Newser and Huffington Post have also reported this story.  Milton, his brother Jamar and friend Shuntayvious Primes-Willis lured two men into a park in Omaha. They were selling some baggies of Mary Jane.

Instead, the crew used their Second Amendment right to robbed the tricks.

One victim was wounded and one victim was killed.

According to prosecutors, the three alleged assailants were tied to street gangs.

Shuntayvious Primes-Willis is 15 and Jamar Milton is 17. They are being charged as adults for first-degree murder. That charge for them could carry life in the iron college. Nebraska ended the death card last year despite pleas from its Republican governor and state lawmakers.
Teens will be charged as adults in a botched robbery that led to murder.
Police have recovered two guns used during the crime and are searching for the third weapon.

Jarrell Milton will be heading to juvie time out. Investigators did not disclose how the boy made his trip up to the Twin Cities. But rest assured that Milton's friends and family will be charged if they aided him on his mission to elude state authorities.

Again the Milton brothers and Primes-Willis are innocent until proven guilty. They will face a court date in August.

Okay concern trolls what will you post in the social media?

A) If I had a son, would he be like Jarrell.
B) This little thug and his buddies.....
C) Will Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson say something about this.
D) You see racial violence is caused by Blacks....
E)  I would have......
F)  All of these above

When it comes to crime, it's a matter of what race does it the most! That's what our friends in the conservative media harp on.

Crime doesn't discriminate. A person commits a crime based on opportunities. A person doesn't care about the life, the property or the monetary of the victim.

That's why crime is called the thrill of opportunity.

World News Today send our condolences to the victim Tamell Gray and send our prayers to Charles Fisher.

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