Wednesday, July 01, 2015

NBC To Trump: You're Fired!

I am in Canada right now. I will be back in the United States by the end of the week.

While I haven't had an opportunity to post the latest events happening in the junk food media, I can give you a little bit of information about our friend Donald Trump running for the clown car.

He trademarked the phrase "You're Fired!!!" Now presidential douche Donald Trump found himself without a promotional network home after he talked smack about immigrants.

After his controversial statements on immigrants from Mexico, Trump found himself fired out the cannon.

NBC and Univision dumped the reality turd and business mogul as they put the brakes on the Miss USA and Miss Universe broadcasting. The Apprentice is canceled. The Trump name is no longer a brand on NBC.

Many activists have urged Trump to apologize for his comments about all Mexicans being rapists, drug dealers and the such.

Of course, Trump fired back saying that he quit the network. He said that NBC sold out.

He gets fired but Brian Williams, a former NBC News anchor gets to keep his job.

Williams lied about his reporting and was suspended without pay. He was later demoted to be news reader over at MSNBC. Lester Holt would replace him.

Trump declared he's running for the clown car last month. Since he's announced he surged to the top-tier standings overshadowing Stallmigo Rand Paul (R-KY) and Benjamin Carson.

Also, Macy's decided to end his clothing line. I am guessing that Trump will bitch about Sean "Puffy" Combs still having a deal with the company despite him smacking up his son's coach.

Trump is a carnival barker who questioned Barack Obama's birth certificate. He also banned him, Vice President Joe Biden, and the CEOs of Macy's, Univision and NBC from his properties.

Trump is one of the many clowns running for the nomination. Many speculate that he has no chance.

Republicans fear that he continues on, he may damage their brand.

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