Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mitch McConnell To Ted Cruz: F**k With Me And I'll F**k You Up!

Republican infighting is getting worse.

Even though Majority Leader Mitch The Turtle (R-KY) wants the Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) repealed, he's getting even tired of fighting this battle. He is also getting tired of political novices telling him what he needs to do.

President Barack Obama is getting fed up with the inept Congress. His final years in office will be met with great opposition. The president hopes that Americans will see Republicans for what they are. A bunch of ignorant idiots.

The Republicans are infighting and the junk food media finally acknowledging that this rift between the establishment and insurgency has gotten worse.

Things can't get done with this Congress. Many lawmakers believe that the political environment is extremely toxic. Some blame the insurgency for the toxic nature.

The lawmakers spent Sunday trying to pass a transportation bill and a few slip ins.

The slip ins were the repeal of Affordable Care Act for the 60th time. It failed. The defund Planned Parenthood proposal failed. The demand to make Iran recognize Israel or face sanctions failed. The advocating of funds for the Export-Import Bank for the president's trade deal with Asian nations is likely to make it through.

One senator has had enough of it. He blasted the Majority Leader on Friday. It's winning praise from the insurgency.

The establishment is none too happy with it.

Word on the street is that Republican leaders are going to put him in his place. Mitch is going to make them suffer if they can't fall in place.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a part of the Stallmigos. He and six other members of the Republican led Senate have openly bucked the party for "giving in" to Obama.

He believes that the Republicans caving in to the Ex-Im Bank proposal. Cruz believes that the Republicans allow crony capitalism to occur.

Cruz went on this tirade.

"[I've taken the Republican leader] at his word. Like St. Peter, he repeated it three times. The only thing I told the proponents of the Export-Import Bank is like any other senator in this body, they could offer any amendment they liked on any amendable vehicle, but I gave them nothing."

To see the so-called Republican leader whip against allowing a vote to defund Planned Parenthood...makes clear that the McConnell-Reid leadership is united in the favor of big government.

The majority leader and minority leader, arm-in-arm again, should not team up against the American taxpayers."

This epic rant was overshadowed by the poll numbers. Cruz is somewhere in the bottom tier.

Stallmigos Rand Paul (R-KY), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and head honcho Cruz are not getting much attention now that Donald Trump sucked the crazy from them. These three clowns are a part of a big tent of contenders. So far there's 16 candidates running.

The junk food media is so focused on Trump, the remaining clowns are jealous and they're doing everything in their power to get the cameras back on them.

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