Friday, July 17, 2015

James Holmes Served!

White terrorist got an opportunity to see justice served to him.

The Aurora shooter was found guilty for the murder of 14. James Holmes was served up yesterday evening. The jury believed that despite the defense's attempts to paint him as a psychopath who needs treatment, the criminal act was callous enough for the jury to say he was competent. He had no remorse for the lives he's taken.

On July 20, 2012, at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, James Holmes walked into the theater in Aurora, CO, a suburb of Denver. He went in with a gas mask and an arsenal of firearms.

When he threw a tear gas canister into the aisles the people thought it was a joke. The moment the smoke plumed, people were escaping the smoke. Upon escaping, Holmes lit up the place.

Holmes would end up killing 14 innocent lives. Holmes was caught on the property. But as he was caught, he left a set of explosives in his apartment. He wanted neighbors to pound on his apartment door. When they would enter the home, the explosives would go off and kill more victims.

His plan was to throw the law off with the bombing before the shooting.

All mass shootings are regarded as terrorism. There's no need to add a feature to an act of senseless tragedy. I don't care about the shooter's race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political views, or social class. The shooter committed an act of terrorism.

The agitators can pick what the actions inspired this shooter. I am guilty like everyone else when it comes to this. The one who deserves the blame is the shooter. It doesn't matter what politics you follow! The shooter clearly didn't care who was shot.

If you really want to change the ongoing mass shootings in America. You got to force Congress to do something about it. I rather see myself demanding Congress to work on stopping senseless tragedies like this.

Expect the inept Congress to do nothing about gun control and background checks.

A man who was just got married. A woman who reported the news survived a mass shooting in Canada. A man who save the life of his girlfriend. A father who wanted to take his girls to a movie. A man who served in the two wars. These victims were killed by that White terrorist. He didn't care who he killed.
He was served. One on explosive charges (federal), 140 counts of attempted murder (state), 24 counts of capital (state/federal first and second degree murder),

During the U.S. Presidential Elections, President Barack Obama and perennial loser Mitt Romney both express sorrow for the families.

The president called upon the inept Congress to do something about gun control. Romney went around and bitched about how the president was exploiting a tragedy.
Holmes listens to the testimony of victims. Again showing no remorse.
The spineless Democrats who feared losing their chances in the Senate didn't push for reform.

When the president won and the Democrats gained a few more seats, in December, Adam Lanza went into a Connecticut school and lit the place up. He ended up killing 25 people. One was his mother. Lanza's killed little children, their teachers and the principal. The Sandy Hook shooting tragedy is one of the worst event in American history.

Holmes is alive to face his victims he didn't kill and their families of those who were lost.

Holmes will now learn if he lives or dies. The jury now goes into the sentencing phase.

As Holmes got served, Mohammad Yoseff Abdulezze went into two U.S. Armed Forces facilities and lit the place up. He ends up killing four Marines. Three years to the day of Aurora. Abduleeze was gunned down by the police after he was chased. He ended up injuring 10 in this mass shooting.

World News Today send our condolences to those lost in the Aurora tragedy.

The victims:

Jonathan Blunk, age 26,
Alexander J. Boik, age 18
Jesse Childress, age 29
Gordon Cowden, age 51
Jessica Ghawi, age 24
John Larimer, age 27
Matt McQuinn, age 27
Micayla Medek, age 23
Veronica Moser-Sullivan, age 6
Alex Sullivan, age 27
Alexander C. Teves, age 24
Rebecca Wingo, age 31

May you rest in peace.

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