Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Boy Got White Girls Going Crazy!

The Boy has another chick on his side.

The Boy got these White girls going crazy. The Boy will treat them like queens and then smack them down like gnats. The Boy will love you one day then turn you out! You'll do anything for him. You may even trick for The Boy.

The Boy will let you get your fix. But The Boy doesn't give two fucks about you! Cause he's already got another chick.

When you die, The Boy will never visit you! He's already tricking the next chick!

White women between the age of 18-25 are becoming a target of heroin addiction.

The Centers for Disease Control have reported that the rise of heroin users increased so massively it's almost considered an epidemic.

The rise of heroin users have not only plagued the inner cities, but it's expanded into suburbs and rural communities.

Many communities are fearing that the heroin users will spike Hepatitis C and HIV. Often people who engage in heroin use are likely professionals.

The junk food media believes that many people who engage in heroin started with a gateway drug.

Which means that those who were addicted to pain killers and relaxers are turning to the smack.

It cost a lot of money to get a pain killer. So why not?

It's only a few dollars! Only $8 - $20 for a capsule of The Boy!

Okay, you know that users are often overdosing (OD'ing) off The Boy. For out of 150,000 people at least 20,000 are probably active users of heroin. At least 200 people died of heroin. The law in some cases carry Naloxone (Narcan) in case of heroin overdose. They have to be trained in using the reversal medication. Because if they see a deadly overdose, the law now treats heroin deaths as homicide. That means if they catch the smack man or person who let allowed an overdose to happen, they are charged with involuntary manslaughter. That means you aid and abet a heroin user who may overdose, you end up getting at least 10 years in the iron college.

I told you about friend
 She was once the sweetest young woman I've known. Had a great job. Had a bright future in travel and leisure. She threw it all away for The Boy. I have a feeling that in less than five years, the junk food media will release her name. Either a victim of a crime or a suspect in a crime.

She got addicted to The Boy when she hung around with the wrong crowd. Now I am only guessing that she's trying to sell her saggy body on those online classified ads or hanging around the stroll. She lost her mother and home within the past five months. I would never allow her to live with me. I had a feeling that if I had her here in my home getting high, she would overdose. Not happening here!

She's hanging out with the dope boy (friend) and hiding from the law. Her life is turning from bad to worse. Word on the street she may have contracted the deadly HIV disease.

I tried to help by contacting a therapist I've known for a while. She ignored it! She doesn't work anymore. So there's no record of business or home address!

Heroin users are often dysfunctional and angry when you confront them on their addiction. They believe they can break up with The Boy. It extremely hard to explain to someone about an addiction.

You can't tell her anything! She too embarrassed to talk about her problems. She said that her only thing in life is to make money so she can get high!

I haven't heard from her in five days. I am only guessing the worse!

So do you know a family member, friend or co-worker you believe is addicted to heroin?

Do you believe that this crisis is going to get worse?

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