Monday, July 13, 2015

El Chapo Got A Ticket Out Of Mexican Time Out!

The world's most dangerous drug lord is a legend. Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzeman busted out of a federal time out and is likely to escape capture again.

The infamous drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzeman Loera busted out of a Mexican time out. He's back on the streets and he's got a plan! This plan is to escape the law. El Chapo managed to escape through the showers through a man-made tunnel. He got on a motorcycle and rode through the tunnel for a mile before escaping through a vacant property. The Mexican government is looking into a handful of interns and workers who may have aided the escape.

The Mexican government, Interpol, the FBI, and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency are actively searching for the elusive drug kingpin. They call Guzeman the Osama bin Laden of the drug game.

There's a $20 million Mexican peso bounty on his head. There's a $5 million U.S. dollar bounty on his head.

The United States offered to put "El Chapo" in the Florence Hell House. Mexico turned it down.

The Florence Hell House is located in Colorado. It is a Supermax that holds interns who are deemed too dangerous to the society. ADX Florence is in Fremont County, Colorado and it's a federal time out that voids escape attempts.

Some of the most famous interns include

Eric Rudolph (Olympic Park Bomber)
Terri Nichols (Oklahoma City Bomber)
Robert Hanssen (FBI turncoat)
Zacarias Moussoui (9/11 Plotter)
Ramzi Yousef (World Trade Center Bomber)
Richard Reid (Shoe Bomber)
Umar Farrok Abdulmutallab (Underwear Bomber)
Ted Kacyznski (Uni-Bomber)
Faisal Shahzad (Time Square Bomber)
Larry Hoover (Crip Leader)
O.G. Mack (Blood Leader)
Matt Hale (White extremist)
Richard McNair (Escaped Federal Time Out Twice)

If he's caught in the United States, they will haul him into Florence!

El Chapo is has an estimated $1 billion in net worth. He's the O.G. of the Sinola Cartel.

The Sinola Cartel is an international drug trafficking, money laundering, and organized crime syndicate founded by Guzeman and his partners Ismael Zambada GarcĂ­a and Ignacio Coronel Villareal.

The smack man.....

Donald Trump is really having a great week for agitation. He's been on the rise in polls. His in your face rhetoric has sparked a rise in his polls among the clowns running for the red nose. Right now he's either leading or tied with the Bush or the Walker.

The pro-nationalist stance being promoted by the media mogul has gravitated his ratings.

Republicans fear that he's damaging their "Rainbow Coalition".

But with the recent shooting of a woman by an undocumented worker and then El Chapo's escape from the time out, Donald Trump got his "I told you so" moment.

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