Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Deal Reached!

Historic deal reached and over here in the United States, the inept lawmakers in Congress scream that the deal is bad.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is located in Asia. It's part of the Middle East. The population of the country is 73 million people. The national capital is Tehran. Today, the country celebrates a milestone in diplomatic relations. The United States and its allies made a deal that could bring peace to the Middle East.

The Six Powers reached an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program.

The EU. Russia, The United States had marathon talks. The talks netted results.

They compromised a deal with Iran on their so-called nuclear weapon cache. It calls for a long term disarmament of the nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief.

President Barack Obama delivered a morning speech.

The deal isn't perfect but it's historic and its going to be active. The president now will gamble this deal in the hands of the inept Republican controlled congress.

The inept Republicans and spineless Democrats have concerns that the deal didn't go far enough.

They felt that the president gave up the 51st State of Israel.

Chickenshit prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled that he's going to work to stop the deal.

So your thoughts on this?

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