Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Dayton Police Dealing With Murder-Suicide Attempt!

Man who shot girlfriend, self was subject of federal probe
There was an attempted murder on an employee at a Dollar General store in Dayton. The suspect killed himself after being sought by the law. Montgomery County Ohio lockup's mugshot of suspect David Hall. 

The law is  trying to figure out why a man put a slug in a woman after a confrontation at a local Dollar General store in Dayton, Ohio.

According to the junk food media, the victim worked at Dollar General and the man was her ex-boyfriend. There was a cordial conversation and then it was a couple of minutes later, a gunshot.

The victim is down and the suspect escapes.

He goes to a Dayton home to tell his family what he's done! They ask him to turn himself in. He said he just can't do it. So after pleas were ignored, he put his Uzi in his mouth and the trigger popped.
Man who shot girlfriend, self was subject of federal probe
Police quickly arrive to Dollar General after 911 calls of a shooting of an employee there.
He drops. The medics arrive and they couldn't save the suspect. The victim on the other hand was shot in the head. She was shot through her face with a single bullet. She is fighting for her life.

Now the question is, what provoke this?

Dionne Sneed is the name of the victim. She is the mother of three. World News Today send our prayers to the victim and her family.

David Hall was the shooter. Hall's actions may have stemmed from his ties to the dope game.

The Dayton police release a trove of information about Hall. He was facing some federal charges for drug distribution. The Trotwood Police and Montgomery County Ohio sheriff are also involved in this case.

Hall snapped. Once again putting a firearm in the hands of the mentally insane. I know that the Uzi was an illegal instrument. There's thousands of unregistered firearms on the street because the federal government can't pass a comprehensive gun control law.

I know that the junk food media and concern trolls are quick to rush to judgement on Black criminals. They are guilty until proven innocent.
Dionne Sneed was trying to get rid of her boyfriend. He wanted revenge by trying to take her life.
Even in a clear cut situation, the gun was the real victim of this. They don't give two fucks about Dionne or the shooter.

Capt. John Porter of the Trotwood Police are the lead in this. The Dollar General store was located in his jurisdiction.

WHIO reports that Porter determined the ballistics are still being completed to confirm the gun Hall used on himself was the same one he used to shoot Sneed. However, he confirmed that Hall could not legally own a Mack-10 because it’s an automatic weapon.

Police believe the shooting was an attempted murder/suicide, even though Porter said detectives haven’t found a note indicating such, nor have they spoken to witnesses who said Hall intended to shoot Sneed. Witnesses said the two may have broken up, and Sneed asked Hall to move out of their home on Gettysburg Avenue in Dayton.

Hall may also have been “on the edge,” Porter said. Local police learned federal authorities issued a warrant for Hall. Hall does have prior felony convictions for cocaine-related offenses, according to court records.

Cassondra Smith, one of Sneed’s co-workers at Dollar General, described her as a kind person and said employees are hoping to get Sneed on a financial assistance program after she is released from the hospital.

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