Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cleveland Cop In The Freezer After Spraying The Pepper On Unarmed Protesters!

The law was filmed spraying the protesters.

The possibility of criminal indictments handed to the officers involved in the Cleveland shooting of Tamir Rice could come soon. I won't hold my breath about it.

Anyway, there were numerous events of unrest up in Cleveland. There was a confrontation with officers after they slammed the head of 14 year old teen after he allegedly was spotted with alcohol.

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority police were met with the #BlackLiveMatter protesters.

The Guardian reports that the officer would put the spray on the protesters.

According to the Greater Cleveland regional transit authority, its officers were taking an intoxicated teenage bus rider to a police station just as the conference was ending about 5 pm. A large crowd blocked the squad car and tried to get the youngster out. One of the officers turned and began pepper-spraying the crowd.

Other law enforcement agencies responded, including Cleveland police department. The youngster was taken examined in an emergency medical service unit, and released to his mother about 6 pm.

No arrests were made. The transit authority did not release the officer’s name. The agency’s officers are not affiliated with the city’s police department.

A video of the incident quickly went viral, and lit a community that is tense from three police-related deaths.

For months, Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson and its top law enforcement officers, as well as Cuyahoga county prosecutor Timothy McGinty, have been pressured by activists unhappy with the handling of the cases of Tamir Rice, Tanisha Anderson and Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Rice, a 12-year-old, was fatally shot in November when Cleveland patrolman Timothy Loehmann mistook his toy gun for the real thing. Neither Loehmann nor his partner, Frank Garmback, have been charged.

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