Saturday, July 18, 2015

Blame Game: Mohammad Youssef Abdulezzez!

He was the good guy! No one thought he would do that! But it seems like Mohammad Youssef Abdulezzez did it! He was the lone gunman who killed five military members.

Now that the junk food media has told the public who the shooter was, who do you believe they'll blame for the Chattanooga shootings at the U.S. Armed Force recruiting centers?

A) Barack Obama
B) Muslims
C) Islamic State
D) Congress
E) The Shooter

Okay, it's pretty easy. It's the shooter. But if you pick the other options, then you're somewhat correct.

The president and Congress hasn't done one thing about gun control. In the wake of 14 mass shootings nothing is being done to stop this!

See how the junk food media is quick to call this an act of terrorism!

Yeah, Jeh Johnson, the Department of Homeland Security chief has openly said that it could be an Islamic State attack.

Five members of the U.S. Navy and Marines were killed by this mass murderer.
Carson A. Holmquist25Grantsburg, WisconsinSergeant
Thomas J. Sullivan40Springfield, MassachusettsGunnery Sergeant
Squire K. "Skip" Wells21Marietta, GeorgiaLance Corporal
David A. Wyatt37Russellville, ArkansasStaff Sergeant
Randall Smith26Paulding, OhioU.S. Navy Logistics specialist
World News Today send our condolences to those lost in this senseless tragedy.

These men gave their lives to protect our country! Expect President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden to make an appearance in Chattanooga.

It seems like it's gong to be a discussion about firearms in the workplace or firearms in the hands of those with mental issues. Mental issues and firearms are often associated with mass murders.

But somehow our inept Congress refuses to do something about it. Congress aided by their agitating friends found a solution to mass shootings. They call for more guns in the workplace. More looser restrictions to own firearms.

These laws mainly apply for White people. Whites people rather not see their restrictions to have firearms impeded. The agitators and some in Congress rather see firearm restrictions on Blacks, Latinos and Muslims.

Military recruiting stations may have armed military officers in the coming years. The Defense Secretary Ash Carter is considering that idea.

In the wake of tragedies, the Republicans don't want President Barack Obama to "politiicize" a tragedy for gains. But given that the suspect may have been inspired by the Islamic State, expect Republicans to politicize this. They will find ways to pressure military involvement back in Iraq and Syria. They want the American military to stop the Islamic State.

They will use this tragedy as an excuse destroy the Iranian nuclear deal.

Mass shootings are becoming almost a daily occurrence

See once again, our junk food media will spook the American people with tales of the scary Muslim.

Mohammad Youssef Abdulezzez was a 24 year old terrorist. He was a disturbed individual who lived in pampered life. He had a great job, a great education and family life. He threw all that shit away because of his beliefs.

He felt that people spurned him. He is no different than Jared Loughner, Dylann Roof, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Wade Michael Page, Aaron Alexis, Ivan Lopez, Nidal Hasan and every other mass shooter.

The fact that Abdulezzez's name already got the agitators to believe that he's a terrorist.

Cue Pam Geller. She will exploit this tragedy for her self-promoting hatred of Islam.

Geller is an extremist herself, created this Stop Jihad Now movement! She wants to encourage Americans to respond violently towards Muslims.

She boldly wanted to poke at extremists by creating this Draw Mohammad contest. A few months back, two extremists tried to storm a Garland convention center to assassinate her. But the Texas lawman put them down quickly. Only one man got injured.

The clowns were quickly to pounce on it. Lindsey Graham is the most outspoken member of the "War Against Everyone" already pointed fingers at the president for not doing enough.

Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and the rest of the clown car have express their condolences to the families of the victims. But in the case of national security which is the theme of Republicans, it's the president's fault for not recognizing the threat of "radical Islam".

The president doesn't call it 'radical Islam". He calls it terrorism.

There's no need to add a feature to an act of senseless tragedy. I don't care about the shooter's race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political views, or social class. The shooter committed an act of terrorism.

The agitators can pick what the actions inspired this shooter. I am guilty like everyone else when it comes to this. I am going to do my best to not go there. But unfortunately, I am not promising you anything!

The one who deserves the blame is the shooter. It doesn't matter what politics you follow!

The shooter clearly didn't care who was shot.

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