Friday, July 03, 2015

Macon Police Put Juvies In Lockup After They Trash Walmart!

The teens crash Walmart. 

The conservative Craigslist is the right's click bait. They often use this website as to promote their views on social media and through the junk food media.

But what stories attract them the most?

It's those lovely stories about Black criminal acts.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, Gawker, Media Matters for America and The Daily Banter have all noted that this website is a gateway drug for White extremists. This website has seen a rise in traffic recently. The website links often local stories about criminal behavior on the bylines.

Most readers automatically assume it's Black criminals because it's linked and it's in an urban area.

The website is doing the best PR for recruiting the next White terrorist.

You look at the comments from the concern trolls. I bet you money that Barack Obama's name is mentioned. Then you read down the comment section and see racially insensitive word vomit.

White extremists find common ground with the news aggregator. According to them, he's doing the work that the rest of the media won't!

Word vomit would require some form of "If I had my....."

A) Firearm
B) Camera
C) Vote
D) All Of The Above

A local story about a riot inside a Walmart obviously has attracted a bit of national attention. A group of  Black teens ransack a Macon Walmart and totally trashed the place. It was caught on surveillance camera.

The Bibb County Sheriff and Macon Police are rounding them up and putting them in time out.

One of the teens was outed by his parents. He lost his phone and he thought he could come back to retrieve it under the guise of being an innocent shopper caught up in the riot. Now he's been forced to snitch on the rest of them in order to stay out of the iron college.

The damages done cost a four figure sum. Obviously, the ones involved are banned from all Walmart stores in the United States.

Sheriff's officials said one of the teens later told a Walmart employee the goal was to see how much damage they could cause.

Sheriff's officials say floors were coated with broken merchandise. These young teens ran up the aisle knocking over stuff. Call the law, we got a riot inside Walmart.

Shoot to kill.

You notice that last month two White women fought inside a suburban Indianapolis Walmart. One of the woman's child was fighting in the video.

The person whipped out the camera and filmed. It went viral and the women weren't charge for fighting. The security wasn't dispatched.

A group of men were stopped by a Florida sheriff's deputy in a Walmart. She ordered them to leave after they spent too much time eye shopping and not buying. They got verbal with her and she put the cuffs on one of them. The film the altercation and it went viral.

John Crawford III paid the price for legally have a right to carry an open pellet gun in Walmart. He picked up the pellet gun while on the phone. He got shot twice in the chest while he was on the phone. He was shoot by Beavercreek, Ohio police. They didn't get charged for murder.

The People Of Walmart is a website that devotes its time to covering the most outrageous things that happen in the world's largest retailer.

And for all the good that Walmart does for the community, these things hurt its image and the individuals involved.

What's sad is that according to someone (who heard from someone) the Black teens were bored and they wanted to a flash mob.

See hearsay also works in concern trolling.

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