Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Murder Charges For University Of Cincinnati Cop Who Bucked Sam DuBose! [NSFW]

This is the part where it got graphic. Ray Tensing, ex-cop for the University of Cincinnati will have a day in court. He was indicted on murder and involuntary manslaughter charges. Sam DuBose wasn't a threat. He was a victim.

The Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters has thrown the hammer at a University of Cincinnati police officer who used his service weapon on Sam DuBose.

Me and S. Baldwin have followed the developments in Cincinnati.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Samuel DuBose.

The law put the cuffs on ex-officer Raymond Tensing, 25. He was immediately fired out the cannon once the law determined he lied on his report about the confrontation with Sam DuBose, 43 year old father of 12. The stop was caused by a front place missing. The officer claimed that Sam threw the vehicle in high gear with his arm in the window. He used the service weapon to stop him. He put a slug in his head and Sam died immediately from lead.

Tensing a White cop stopped a Black motorist for a petty offense.

Tensing was nothing but a rookie according to Deters. He even went as far to say that Tensing had no business ever wearing a badge. Tensing was four years with Green Hills and one year with UC.

That means that the evidence on his body camera and dash camera showed something totally different than what he put in his report.

Ray Tensing got a day in court.
The video captured the firing of the service weapon.

According to Tensing, Sam was drunk and offered him a six pack. That would have been the racist right's talking point if the case turned out to be in favor of the law. Tensing claimed that Sam couldn't pull out a license and had a struggle with him. The two struggled for the door. He had no choice but to give a lead sandwich.

What really happened was a routine pull over. It was a calm exchange between Sam and Tensing.

No threats, no physical altercation, no belligerent or aggressive behavior towards Tensing.

Sam explained to Tensing that he was driving his wife's car. He had a closed bottle of gin. He asked why he had to get out the car. Tensing grabbed the door and told him to exit the vehicle. Sam holds the door back and rev up the vehicle. That's when Tensing decided to put the lead in the head of Sam. The vehicle moved only after the lead when into Sam's head. Tensing concocted this story of an aggressive drunk who tried to peel off with his hand in the window.

The University of Cincinnati chief Jason Goodrich let the cannon fire after he and Deters reviewed the video.

Tensing is innocent until proven guilty in this. If found guilty, this ex-cop will get LIFE in the iron college.

Wondering whether the conservative agitators will take the side of Tensing? Of course.

This is the first time in Cincinnati history that an officer got cuffed. The unfortunate circumstances of a cop who felt "threatened" because he saw a Black guy with a nice ride.

A cop who automatically assumed guilt before innocence.

We will keep you updated with anything that comes in this controversy.

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