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Woman In Her Home Busted By The Law In Her Birthday Suit! [NSFW]

Real shit! A woman gets cuffed by the law in her own home. The law cuffs her in her natural.

The rules of the law. The law can't enter your home without a search warrant. You don't have to answer a door to the law without a warrant.

A "no knock" is the 6 AM scare you shitless warrant. This is an extremely controversial tactic. The judge can issue this type of warrant if the judge considers a suspect is a danger. This prevents the suspect from destroying evidence such as flushing drugs or hiding incriminating acts. This also works when the suspect is considered an escape risk.

At times, the law may announce their presence or they can bust through your home without notice.

The risk is great for those in the "no knock". The danger works both ways. The law could expect a detention device or a hail of lead through the door. The suspect could be home or he could be somewhere else. The no-knock doesn't determine who's there. It just determines that someone is expected to get a trip to lockup.

The innocent could be at home and "no knock" could happen. What if the innocent is a firearm owner. They have a right to shot a threat. That could even be the law if they don't announce themselves as the law.

What if the suspect or innocent has a medical issue? What if the member of the family has nothing to do with the suspect?

The risk is too great. Too many innocent people die because of a reckless call by the law.

The "no knock" is often criticized by the suspect, the ACLU, the CATO institute and libertarians.

Federal judges are often issuing these type of warrants. This allows the U.S. Marshals to arrest a suspect. The local law often have to get approval from a federal attorney or judge.

The state judges don't often allow "no knocks". But I wouldn't be surprised if they're used.

If the innocent fire their piece off at the law, they WILL return fire. The law doesn't care who pulled the trigger. If a threat is detected, they'll respond.

This is also controversial in the case of swatting calls or wrong address identification. That means if the criminal leaves the property and someone else moves in, what is the right call?

The law goes by the last place of residence if the suspect is on the run.

Probable cause for the law to enter your home is the sense of detection. They can enter a home if the law detects a home alarm, a criminal act in progress, a smell of methamphetamine or marijuana, use of fireworks, or you're a convicted felon.

Esmeralda Rossi is suing Arizona's Chandler Police Department after officer Doug Rose illegally entered her home and handcuffed her while she was naked. 
A woman in Arizona is taking the Chandler Police and the state to court. An officer was in her house on a domestic call and he decided that he had to put a woman in her towel in the cuffs.

Esmeralda Rossi was coming out the shower when the daughter answered the door.

This asshole Doug Rose and his partner told Esmeralda that he got a call about some issues going on at the residence. So they tried to interrogate her while she's in her towel.

Of course, Esmeralda was pissed, wondering what the fuck these cops are up in her home!

She told them that she doesn't have to speak to them about anything. She got out the shower and she felt that this is an invasion of privacy.

Ex-cop Doug Rose got a lawyer.
Her daughter whipped out the camera phone and that's when Rose got pissed at the daughter and warned her that she's going to lockup if she didn't stop recording.

Of course Esmeralda told her daughter to not listen to the cop. That's when the cop got out the cuffs.

As Esmeralda heads to grab her camera phone, Rose decided to act out. He tells her to stop or he'll cuff her.

Of course, she said "I live here, you can't arrest me in my own home!" She grabs her phone and starts recording. I guess Rose decided that he had enough. So he decides to grab her and put the cuffs on her. And as he cuffs her, Esmeralda's breast were exposed and the towel comes down. She's naked and the arms turned back.

Rose puts her face into the carpet and Esmeralda's crying. The daughter's still recording her sobbing mom begging the officer to not arrest her. Esmeralda's phone gets broken after he lands her on the carpet.

Later in the video, you can here Rose give her the "I don't give a fuck who you are! I'm a fucking cop" lecture.

"Don’t take the attitude with cops, because we don’t play," Rose said. "When a cop shows up, you’re not the one in charge. I don’t care if this is your house."

Esmeralda wasn't arrested for any criminal act.

Under the whim of her attorney, they release the video to the junk food media and it went viral.
This shit was fucked up! I think the cop was totally out of line. I felt that he violated me!
Now the city of Chandler and state of Arizona have a lawsuit on them.

The police chief for Chandler was pissed. He calling for an investigation into the matter.

Rose on the other hand decided to take an early retirement. He knew that he could face an investigation into his actions towards residents. Investigators determined that he was out of line.

I am guessing ex-cop Doug Rose may be one of them asshole cops who share them racist emails about President Barack Obama, immigrants and Black people.

Rossi is a victim of molestation when she was young. So this brought back memories she tried to repress.

"I felt helpless. I felt violated. And honestly, I felt molested," Rossi told the junk food media.

Your thoughts on the matter!

World News Today wishes Esmeralda Rossi well! This is unbecoming of an officer! He knew he was fucked when he was caught on camera saying "I don't care.......who the fuck you are!"

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