Thursday, July 23, 2015

50 Cent: Poor Lil' Rich!

50 Cent tells the junk food media that he got played.

The controversy surrounding 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy has the nation talking.

How could one of the world's richest hip-hop musicians be broke?

He done a few appearances. He started his own television programs called Dream School and Power.

50 Cent appeared in the movie Spy and Southpaw.

He investing in clothes, vitamin water, mining, movies and boxing. All of that went bust.

Curtis Jackson, 40 turned the page of hip-hop. The media mogul and rapper has finally hit rock bottom. He testified in court saying to the world that all the glory is a farce.

He manufactured a rich lifestyle. He borrowed jewelry, vehicles, and friends. I guess all that fame got to his head and got reckless.

I mean his rise was putting out mixtapes. When Eminem heard this mixtape he wanted the rapper to be on his 8 Mile Soundtrack. 50 Cent agreed to it. So he signed to Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment in 2002.

50's rise was his studio debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin'. There were seven singles on that album and it helped it sold 8.4 million units. It earned him a Grammy nomination.

Wanksta. P.I.M.P., 21 Questions, If I Can't, Many Man (Wish Death) and the smash hit In Da Club propelled 50 Cent into the mainstream.

He would engage in feud with Ja Rule. The rapper's feud with Ja Rule was a money maker for him.

Ja Rule was an in demand rapper at the time. Everyone wanted to be associated with the gruffy voice rapper. But 50, went into Ja's weakness, his crossover to pop friendly songs. 50 Cent targeted Ja Rule dancing with R&B singer Ashanti's music video. He called Ja Rule a phony gangsta.

Ja Rule fought back with the help of The Source. Ja tried to publish an order of protection warrant on the internet to make it seem like 50 Cent was afraid to face him in public. The Source ran anti-50 articles question his rise and his association to Eminem. Interscope pulled all advertising from the magazine.

The XXL a rival magazine won the attention by hosting 50 Cent, Eminem and Dr. Dre. It helped XXL beat The Source. The magazine gave 50 Cent more attention and it helped him build an empire.

50 Cent would sign his neighborhood friends Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks to G-Unit, the rapper's start up label. Interscope would promote these acts. He would later sign Young Buck and Game to the G-Unit.

50 Cent's downfall began when he got into it with some of his acts. Game, who was also signed to Aftermath wasn't interesting in feuding with rappers got fired out the cannon. Game would launch this ongoing and worthless feud with 50. This feud is still going on.

50 Cent released The Massacre. It did well but it lacked the touch. People criticized him for the song Candy Shop. They criticized him for doing the Ja Rule thing. The rapper's album went on to sell 6 million copies.

50's two other albums Curtis and When I Self Destruct were successful but harshly criticized for lacking the mojo of his last two albums. The album Street King Immortal was supposed to be a final album before retirement. So 50 wanted to push this album fast. Interscope told him to fall back.

Well we know that 50 Cent broke ties with Interscope after he got into it with them over the handling of his album. The album Street King Immortal wasn't up to Dr. Dre and Eminem standards so they told him to rework it.

50 Cent said nope, I'm not doing this shit. I'm done.

Then 50 Cent left Interscope leaving the label he signed on for over 10 years. He calls the G-Unit now The Unit. He created a social media network called ThisIs50 and then went to celebrity agitation.

He engaged in this feud with Rick Ross. So this feud 50 and Rozay created was to generate sales.

50 got reckless and wanted to question the gangsta of Rozay. He published the correctional officer photos and released a sex tape of his ex-wife having sex with an associate of Rozay's.

That tape leaked and that lead to a lawsuit. This year, 50 Cent owes $5 million in damages for releasing it on his social media network.

50 decided to fall back and file for broke. I am guessing falling broke could backfire on him.

He already owes $20 million for his Slump Audio fall and the lawsuit against his ex-girl for trashing her home. He owes child support for his two children.

His own son disowns him and the mother of his daughter wants him to be around.

Yeah, he hit rock bottom. The bottom was hard.

Question: Do you believe 50 Cent is broke?

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