Friday, June 26, 2015

White Terrorist Got Pampered On His Way To Lockup!

White terrorist got him some burgers and fries from the law.

President Barack Obama is getting ready to head down to Charleston to do an eulogy for state senator and pastor Clementa Pickney. Pickney and eight others were gunned down by a White terrorist who had nothing but hate in his heart.

As the court prepares state charges against this scumbag. There's revelations of pampered treatment for the terrorist.

Dylann Roof was arrested and taken back to Charleston. He was caught outside of rural North Carolina. The law was tipped off by a seamstress who was on her way to work.

As they approach his vehicle, they didn't have guns drawn. It was a calm arrest. I figured that a mass shooter would have officers with guns drawn and a forced drag out the vehicle.

They asked him for his identity and ordered him out the car.

As if the terrorist wanted to waive his Miranda's rights, the terrorist said can I get some food.

Much obliged says the law. They get him some Burger King.

Police in Shelby, N.C., reportedly bought the 21-year-old food from Burger King after he was taken into custody approximately 250 miles northwest of Charleston following a 16-hour manhunt.

Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford said that terrorist had bought water and chips from a gas station in Charleston earlier on Thursday, but hours had passed and he was hungry.

"He was very quiet, very calm. He didn't talk," Ledford told The Charlotte Observer. "He sat down here very quietly. He was not problematic."

Strickland Maddox, a pastor with Eskridge Grove Baptist Church in Shelby, N.C., also described what happened when police bought food from Burger King for the suspect.

"He hadn't eaten, they said, in a couple of days," Maddox told Yahoo News. "They bought him a hamburger. They just sent out for it. I guess one of the police officers went and picked it up."

Roof was charged on Friday with nine counts of murder and a weapons possession charge.

And with that said, comes the national outrage. Why would the law be so soft on a White mass shooter when they're so quick to shoot and kill Black men.

The judge who ordered him on lockup said that his family is the real victims. After all, Roof ruined his sister's wedding and his antics may have caused his family great harm. Now they're getting death threats and the wedding is off. Of course the judge who gave Roof the get out jail free card is off the bench.

He gets a special room next to accused murderer Michael Slager. Slager is the ex-cop who shot and killed unarmed victim Walter Scott after a routine pull over.

Such a criminal does have the right to a fair trial. He is innocent until proven guilty. He is entitled to getting food, water, phone call and opportunity to have a decent public defender.

This terrorist can't stop unity. His actions may have made Republicans do a political expediency. That damn flag isn't the problem.

As the president said it, "Racism is in our DNA".

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