Wednesday, June 03, 2015

United Airlines Fire Crew Member Out The Cannon After Bigoted Confrontation With Muslim Woman!

Fly the friendly skies. 

A young woman was upset over a flight attendant's bigoted response to her request for a soft drink.

Tahera Ahmad was traveling from Chicago to Washington, DC, last week. She asked the attendant for a can of Coca-Cola. The attendant opened her can instead of serving her a closed can. The attendant told her that she could have used it "as a weapon".

Ahmad witness the same attendant serve a person an unopened can of soda.

Ahmad, a chaplain at Northwestern University, told the junk food media that she requested a closed can of soda for "hygienic reasons".  The attendant told her that it's against policy to have an unopened can.

Tahera Ahmad.
Well United Airlines and the subsidiary Shuttle America call the attendant's respond to Ahmad bullshit.

They got wind of this and publicly apologized to Ahmad.

"While United did not operate the flight, Ms. Ahmad was our customer and we apologize to her for what occured on the flight. After investigating this matter, United has ensured that the flight attendant, a Shuttle America employee, will no longer serve United customers," in a presser.

Added, "United does not tolerate behavior that is discriminatory - or that appears to be discriminatory against our customers or employees".

The flight attendant was loaded into the cannon and fired out. The attendant was also banned from traveling on United Airlines.

The agitators of the junk food media have spooked the bigots. The bigots could be your neighbors.

The bigots could be your family members, your co-workers, a person in the service industry or a person in the media.

I admit that everyone has a form of bigotry towards someone. But it's unfortunate that in this age of Obama, it's gotten worse.

Americans who are practicing Muslims are often subjected to suspicion. Many of the partisan agitators in the media have been parroting "radical Islam" and the Islamic State. Some of this crap is sponged into the minds of the irrational.

They fail to realize that they legitimize the Islamic State's claims that the United States is declaring war on Muslims. They don't see they're the extremists.

For you see, I don't fear no man, no animal or act of nature. I fear failure and rejection more than things that I can control.

If you're a business and your goals are to serve customers for the $$$$. You'll have it pretty rough to keep a business running if you believe it's right to not serve Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, gays and the poor.

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