Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Network That Inspired A Man To Kill Nine Innocent Lives Fired Sarah Palin Out The Cannon!

The former governor from Alaska got fired from the only network that gave her a pass on her utter ignorance.

Once again Chief Roger fires the former Alaskan governor out of the cannon.

I guess she's not running for the clown car.

The former governor is not "HOT".

So now Mama Grizzly will go rogue again. She is now allowed to appear on the lamestream media outlets she has trashed in the past.

She is free to appear on that network to do analysis but don't expect a paycheck.

The former Alaskan governor rose to fame being introduced in Dayton, Ohio by failed presidential candidate John McCain.

The McCain Campaign got trounced by Obama-Biden Campaign.

Since then she was dubbed the "Tea Party Queen". She had some impact on the 2010 U.S. Midterms.

Her influence helped Republicans win the House of Representatives and state governorships.

Every time she opens her damn mouth, people cringe. Nowadays people want her to cram it.

I am guessing she not willing to tell her 1.15 million fans that she's no longer a hot commodity.

There's news that revealed the oldest daughter Bristol is pregnant with her second child. Bristol isn't married and has a son with her former boyfriend Levi Johnston. Bristol broke off a wedding after the fiance revealed he still is legally married.

Video of her last appearance.

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