Monday, June 15, 2015

S.W.B. Got A Man In County Lockup!

County sheriff arrest man for shopping in Walmart too damn slow.

S.W.B. is short for shopping while Black.

While shopping at a Pensacola Walmart, four men film an interaction with a female Florida deputy for Escambia County. The deputy was called allegedly by management after seeing four men shopping the store in a matter that appeared "suspicious".

Three men were walking while one was in a motorized shopping cart. The deputy was none too thrilled to see these four men. She would order them out of the store.

One of the men had told the officer, that they got a bag of Doritos in the shopping cart. They have a right to shop. They done nothing wrong.

The deputy wasn't having any of this. She warned the man in the motorized cart to leave.

“You cannot shop. I’m telling you to get your ass up off that cart and get out of the store.”

Of course, cops shouldn't cuss at people. It escalates the situation. One of the men called the deputy out on this. "She's cussing at us", says one of the men.

“Because I’m speaking fucking English and the fact that you don’t understand me  — ” said the deputy to the man in the motorized cart.
They were told to leave because they were shopping too slow.
After being told to leave the store, one man can be heard saying, “We can still pay for our stuff,” before adding “I ain’t going to be put in jail for nothing. I ain’t going to jail.” Then he would call her a bitch.

The deputy had enough. She would cuff the man in the motorized cart.

As he is being led out of the Walmart the other men told the officer that it's not fair. They were told to leave Walmart for allegedly shopping too slow. The management believed they're up to no good.

Again you have a right to film the law. You don't have to speak to the law. You don't have to be friends with the law. You can talk back to an officer. You can ask for their name, their badge number or supervisor. You can question why you are being detained or arrested. You have a right to refuse search of your home, your car and your personal properties.

The video hits the internet over the weekend and it's already rolling over 1 million views as of now.

Some claimed that Walmart mentioned the video in which a man filmed two women fighting in the store. They claim it's a double standard. No one was arrested in this incident. They were eventually banned after Walmart saw the video.

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