Monday, June 15, 2015

NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Fires Herself Out The Cannon!

Pressure mounts as embattled regional president calls it quits.

Rachel Dolezal is under fire for lying about her race. The NAACP is cautiously supporting her despite cries for her to resign. Dolezal is the current president of the western region's NAACP.

The western NAACP based in Spokane, Washington.

The issue that has her in jeopardy is the fact that she's a White woman and for nearly a decade she pretended to be a Black woman.

Lying about your race is crime in the court of public opinion. It's a crime when you do lie on a government form. What she done when she was appointed a liaison for Spokane's civil rights division. She checked herself as Black.

For the last few years, some have questioned her biography. She created controversy by posing with a Black man who she claimed as her father.

Her biological parents and siblings had enough. They want to bring her back to earth. Her mother and father came out swinging. Dolezal is feuding with her family. The family decided to play their "trump" card being the "race" card.

I guess this bombshell will not end with corruption at the oldest civil rights group.

Dolezal was going to organize a press conference to address the controversy. She postpone the press conference. Instead she decides on calling it quits.

The NAACP again told the junk food media, that it's not a solely Black organization. Anyone who believes in equal rights for all Americans is welcomed to join.
Art imitates life. Rachel Dolezal resigns from the NAACP as their president after the junk food media discovered she lied Black to get in.
But some Black people believe that Dolezal's white privilege has maintained this farce and she should be fired out the cannon.

Kind of like the Donald Sterling controversy. The NAACP looked the other way when it accepted that huge check from the former Los Angeles Clippers owner.

Sterling got recorded saying that Blacks are disgusting and he won't want them in the presence of his NBA team and games.

Dolezal will continue to be a reminder to conservatives on how the NAACP has done nothing for the Black community and they see them as racial agitators. They will now use Rachel Dolezal as their proof.

And no amount of good will save her. For some in the Black community, they think it was about time to revoke her "ghetto pass".

Your thoughts on this controversy are welcomed. Me and S. Baldwin will continue to follow this controversy.

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