Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Is The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Gonna Allow A Cop Walk In The Tamir Rice Killing?

Tamir Rice was killed in November 2014. Now the Cuyahoga Ohio prosecutor is looking into whether to charge the cop responsible for the shooting of the teen.

City leaders are fearing the worst. Cleveland, Ohio could erupt into violence if Timothy Loehmann walks in the fatal killing of Tamir Rice.

It's been over seven months since the fatal shooting and now the fate of one officer lies in the hands of the Cuyahoga County prosecutor's office. Tamir was playing with a non-lethal firearm.

Someone called the law on him. And within a few minutes, two officers pull up on Tamir and the cop fires directly on him. The boy was shot in two seconds. He took two to the body.
The junk food media unearths Timothy Loehmann's social media.
He would die of his injuries the next day. Now the prosecutor Tim McGinty got the hard task of deciding whether Loehmann's actions merit a criminal charge.

Frank Garmback
The Cuyahoga County Sheriff Clifford Pinckney is telling the junk food media that this case will be conducted by his department. He promises a "fair, unbiased and extensive" investigation.

The Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine held back the surveillance video of the shooting. It took about a month before the release. This sparked national discussion over deadly police encounters involving Black suspects.

Ohio has an open carry law. So it was in legal right for Tamir to have a non lethal weapon. Whether it's a water gun or a foam dart gun, to an officer it could be a deadly weapon.

The family of Tamir is filing a federal lawsuit against Cleveland and the officer. The judge called for a temporary delay into the lawsuit.

The police union, the lawyers for Loehmann and Sgt. Frank Garmback had requested delay. They believe their actions will land them in court. So they called a delay as the potential criminal case proceeds.

Citing concerns for the cops rights against self-incrimination, the judge put the discovery process of the case on hold for 60 days. The ruling will now delay the federal lawsuit against the city of Cleveland.

Ohio Republican governor John Kasich, a potential clown running for the red nose is calling for protesters to restrain themselves. Kasich also is hoping that the crisis in Cleveland dies down so it doesn't affect his decision to run.

Kasich has put together a task force on policing. He asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch to aid him in working on situations in the wake of this, John Crawford, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

These three individuals along with Tamir were killed in deadly police confrontations.

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