Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hannity Disrespects Teen Involved In The McKinney Controversy!

He is the most annoying conservative agitator. He is the country's worst cable news host. Now he's the biggest concern troll to ever exist in the media. Meet the guy who may be fired out the cannon in less than three years. A partisan driven agitator who drives the narrative of cable news. This man so blinded by his own media bias.

As you know the country's worst cable news host is a huge concern troll. He is in defense of the now ex-cop who resigned after a YouTube video showed him slamming a teen girl's head to the ground and pulling his service weapon on unarmed teens. The conduct was disgusting and the McKinney Police are investigating the actions of the ex-cop.

The annoying conservative agitator has been on this fixation that the cop pulling his service weapon on the two teens who were coming to the aid of the teen slammed to the ground was justified.

TPM Media have caught the annoying conservative agitator mispronounce the name of the man and his goddaughter. The reaction on Jahi Baraki and Ladariene McKever were priceless.

McKever told the agitator that who would listen to a cop if he's cussing at us and disrespecting us.

She said that she and her friend Dajerria Becton were heading away from the event. McKever admits that words were escalated but they said that the cop had no business trying to restrain her and pull the firearm on them. They didn't start the fight.
The cops thought I was invisible. I believe that the cops singled out some of the teens because they were Black. Brandon Brooks became an internet sensation after he posted on social media the now ex-cop slamming a teen's head on the ground.
Her godfather Baraki wasn't too pleased either. He and that annoying agitator go back and forth over the video clearly showing the cop pulling out the firearm.

It ended quickly then he went to the attorney of the one of the teens. Another worthless shouting match and it ended abruptly.

Then he brought on that token David Webb to debate a Black civil rights leader. Webb immediately goes into some stupid tangent about the Islamic State and the perception that the civil rights leaders hate the cops.

Worthless debates. Shouting at the witness who were involved. Disrespecting the father by mispronouncing the name and inviting on agitators who go into totally different tangents is common recipe for this pathetic cable news program.
Eyes rolled and deep sigh as that annoying conservative agitator mistaken their names.
He was voted the worst cable news host for a reason.

Also that annoying conservative agitator refers to them "men" instead of "teens". This a divisive tactic to make portray Black men as criminals. They were not trying to run up on a cop. The teens were telling Eric Casebolt that Becton didn't do anything wrong.

The teen who was charged with a misdemeanor had his charges dropped. In the video he told ABC News that as Adrian Martin was running towards the girl and he lost his grip as he slipped on the grass. In the mind of Casebolt, he tried to rush up on him.

That annoying conservative agitator seen Martin as the guy who could have "shanked" Casebolt.

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