Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fox Mad That Hillary Froze Them Out!

Clinton is avoiding the mistakes of the past.

Democrats are well aware of that network. They often warn candidates running for higher office to make sure you ignore them. They make stuff up.

Democrats should go onto the network. They shouldn't ignore the network. I mean they should actually go on these programs and combat the bullshit. They need to call out each and every agitator who dares calls them by name. Since the network loves to yell and scream about how the media is bias against Republicans, the Democrats should first say your network is profiting very well off this partisan bias.

In closing words they should tell those agitators that their network is the campaign arm of the Republican Party.

In the first run, Barack Obama told his staffers that that network has no place for him. Obama knew that John Kerry didn't stand up to the network when they ran all them smears against him. He had to hit them back. And hit them hard. He froze them out after they ran a story that claimed Hillary Clinton camp found out he attended a madrassa. It turns out to be false and that network ran that.

He called them out when they were running the Jeremiah Wright controversy nonstop. Campaign staffers called out some agitators for false and misleading lies.

Now as president, Obama knew that the network is devoted to taking his legacy down. Since 2009, the White House had feuded with the network. This feud continues to this day. Obama doesn't often appear on that network for interviews. He often gets into a hostile interview with a supposedly non-partisan reporter.

The network that scares White folks with stories of Blacks stealing from a liquor store is now devoted to scaring them with stories of a woman in a pantsuit.

Hillary Clinton pissed off Ed Henry. As often, Henry is a piece of shit. He tried to push another ridiculous loaded question at her while she was greeting supporters.
Ed Henry pissed that Hillary Clinton ignored his questions about her popularity and Benghazi.
He often spars with White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest. The network is labeled by the White House without the "news".

Henry was close to the press pool and he wanted to bum rush her with questions about her likability and her challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) gaining an advantage in Wisconsin.

Clinton ignored him. The U.S. Secret Service told him to bounce.

Now Henry is pissed and he's poo pooing on his network about how Hillary is not willing to face tough questions. Where does he go to bitch about Hillary.

That annoying conservative agitator spends his whole time trying to find accomplishments that she's done. He's doing his part to help her win by obsessing over her.

Back then he had that turd Dick Morris on the network. Morris would often run the gossip about her being in a huge feud with the president. That annoying conservative agitator was demoted and Morris was fired out the cannon after reporting numerous times that Barack Obama would lose in a landslide.

Then he puts on lack of accomplished lawmakers Stallmigos Rand Paul (R-KY), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) for a sit down. He doesn't ask them what accomplishments they've had since they've been in the Senate. Matter of fact, establishment member Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has no accomplishments too.

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