Monday, June 08, 2015

Ex-South Carolina Cop Indicted In The Walter Scott Shooting!

Ex-South Carolina cop has a day in court.

The controversial police shooting in North Charleston had the nation talking. The ex-officer Michael Slager is facing charges on murder. The ex-officer conducted a routine pull over.

The victim Walter Scott was pulled over for a tail light violation. Scott, a former U.S. Coast Guard officer who had a string of bad luck. He had restricted driving privileges and owed child support.

He knew he was going to county lock up for being caught driving. Although a minor traffic offense, it turned into a felony for escape. But what happened after the dash camera filmed the pull over was what drove the conversation of police brutality.

Scott and his passenger Pierce Fulton were in the vehicle for a moment.

Slager ran his plates and soon Scott bolts out the vehicle. Slager goes after him. Orders Fulton to stay put. As Slager calls for assistance, he catches up to Scott.

He applies the Taser on Scott.
Walter Scott's death touched a fierce debate over police brutality. It also spawned concern trolls to point out other incidents where Black suspects kill police officers and other victims.
Scott was trying to get the Taser off him and then proceeded to run again. That's when Slager opened fire on him. Slager used his service weapon on Scott. He emptied eight rounds into Scott.

Scott dropped. It was caught on camera by a man who was walking to work. This video damaged the credibility of Slager.

This man deflated the whole argument that Slager told his superiors that Scott was reaching for his service weapon and Taser.

Now Slager is now indicted by a grand jury. He is not going to face the gas house. But he is going to be up for LIFE in the iron college if found guilty in the murder.

Cue the concern troll....

When a bad cop is being mentioned in the junk food media, expect that annoying conservative agitator and the conservative Craigslist to find some story about a Black suspect killing a cop, a White or Black victim.

Expect talk about what goes on in my community, their communities, or the rise in gun crime during the summer.

They have been on a fixation of gun crime in Baltimore, Chicago, and New York.

The mayors are Democrats and the victims are mostly Black.

So in their minds, liberal policies lead to gun violence.

They will try to bait you into ridiculous debates over gun politics. In one breath they will say gun control for Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. In the next breath, they will say gun rights for Whites.

Of course, insert Barack Obama every time the Black community demands better policing.

Concern trolls believe that the president is anti-cop despite the thousands of death threats, racial and inhumane insults towards him and his family.

So let's get this straight. Not all cops are bad. Not all cops are good.

Gun control and gun rights cut both ways. You can't scream you want gun rights when you are talking about gun control for one group and not everyone else.

White people commit gun crimes, rape, murder, drug charges, shoplifting and traffic violations too.

Not everyone is an illegal immigrant. Just because you don't speak American English doesn't mean your an illegal or even a criminal. The United States doesn't have an official language. English is the most frequently spoken language by 89% of the country.

Black men are 59% more likely to be pulled over by the law than White men or Asian men.

Conservatives view Blacks people as animals. That's why the term racist right is mentioned. You obviously are the type of people who believe Black teens at a pool party should be locked up. You label them animals and thugs.

Hence, "THUG" is the new NIGGER.

When cameras rolled on the Blacks being shot, detained or slammed on the ground by the law, you immediately word vomit, they had it coming.

Concern trolls say Black people don't deserve the constitutional rights whenever they are detained by the law. They automatically assume guilty until proven innocent every time an unarmed Black suspect is killed.

Sad reality. A sad reality that cost Walter Scott his life.

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