Monday, June 01, 2015

Ex-GOP House Speaker Got A Federal Case After Lying To FBI Over $$$$ To His Gay Lover!

Former lawmaker can't wrestle out of a federal indictment. Former Illinois Republican Representative Dennis Hastert is under fire for allegedly paying off a male lover after he threatened to reveal his past. He is a former House Speaker.

Former Illinois Republican lawmaker Dennis Hastert is going to be facing a federal judge after he was caught lying to the FBI over transactions. He was hiding money. He was trying to pay off a male lover after the lover threatened to reveal his past encounters with him.

Hastert was the former House Speaker who preceded over the worst record of controversial lawmakers in Washington.

Under Hastert, there were a lot (I MEAN A LOT) of lawmakers who were caught in sex scandals, ethical situations and political corruption.

Who would of thought a former House Speaker was all in it?

I mean Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was a way better House Speaker than what we got now!

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) is the current House Speaker. He's nicknamed the Weeper because he cries at every event that mentions his name.

Pelosi had bigger balls than Hastert and Boehner.

Anyway, Yorkville, Illinois is pulling the plug on the Hastert name. They are scrubbing his name from Wheaton University and taking the street signs off the road.

Republican lawmakers pretend like they didn't know that stuff happened.

They were shocked and saddened by this.

Pelosi probably shook her head and said, damn this what the voters wanted!

Hastert was indicted by federal prosecutors who allege he evaded the requirement that banks report cash transactions over $10,000, and made false statements to the FBI about his withdrawals, in a hush money scheme. According to the federal indictment,

Hastert allegedly paid $1.7 million to a former student at Yorkville High School "in order to compensate for and conceal his prior misconduct" against that individual during Hastert's time as a teacher and wrestling coach there.

If found guilty on these charges, Hastert will get up to ten in federal time out with $250,000 fine.

A crazy video emerges. A guy from Yorkville calls Hastert and it's creepy. The look on the man's face is priceless.

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