Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Don Lemon Holds Up Your Daily __________!

Don Lemon goes for shock value on his nightly program. 

As he was introducing his program Don Lemon holds up a Confederate flag and a big board with NIGGER over it.

He was defending President Barack Obama's use of the word on a podcast with Marc Maron. His stunt managed to attract the social media with signs of their own.

CNN's most annoying agitator is Don Lemon. Mediaite ranks him one of the worst cable news host to ever have a program. He, Al Sharpton, The Five, Ed Schultz and our favorite pain in the ass Sean Hannity are ranked the worst cable news programs to ever exist.

He is no Sean Hannity. Hannity is by far the worst cable news host to ever have a television program.

Sean Hannity is the most annoying conservative agitator and the biggest concern troll to exist.

Lemon isn't close to Hannity in annoying, but his antics are a pain for some. Some believe he has a huge ego and needs a reality check.

I give the man his respect. One of the best journalist in the business. He's got a great gig over at CNN. He was promoted to weeknights and offers commentary and news on his program. Sometimes his stupidity gets in the way, and usually he gets into a debate with someone who will likely put his ego in place.

Being an openly gay Black man in the business of news is an achievement for him. He opened up about his youth and what inspired him to publicly acknowledge his sexuality.

Lemon should take his role as a journalist more seriously. This stunt begs for attention.

Don, you don't have to put on a clown nose like Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly. They already have clowns watching their buffoonery. It's not worth explaining that their audience is a bunch of old farts.

They parade this stuff without even using the racial slur. The network that may have inspired that man to kill nine innocent worshipers in Charleston got enough of that from the Bonnie and Clyde of Black extremism.

Have you seen them Black extremists Deneen Borelli and Kevin Jackson?

Get it through your head, CNN is respected. Your antics ruin the respect.

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