Friday, June 19, 2015

Cue The Concern Trolls!

Instead of calling it terrorism, the junk food media and agitators think of this as a mental illness. Instead of thinking this event was motivated by race, they believe it's an attack on the Christian faith. When they said that Obama politicizes tragedies, we wait for the next mass shooting to occur.

Who's fault for the mass shootings in America?

A. Barack Obama
B. The Republican Party
C. The Democratic Party
D. The Junk Food Media (i.e. cable news, talk radio, the bloggers, the agitators etc.)
E. The Shooter
F. All Of These Above

Okay, easy answer it's the shooter. But if you answer A, B, C, then you're right in some way.

President Barack Obama has spoken many times on the wake of tragedies in the United States.

He's called upon Congress to do something about it. The Congress has failed in the wake of numerous mass shootings in America. They can't pass a simple background check law because  they fear the National Rifle Association.
Concern trolls like Matt Drudge focus on Black crime.
The NRA believes that any law that involves gun control is impeding on the owner's right to sale a firearm to a terrorist.

The most recent shootings of nine at a Charleston, SC church to the morning incident in Cincinnati where a police officer was gunned down, has got the nation talking.

The concern trolls are often trigger happy when it comes to the blame game. They finger someone other than the perpetrator for these tragedies.

Yeah, the rhetoric is overheated by those on the left and the right. Yeah, I've singled out mostly our conservative agitators in the media of creating the racial divide. I believe the liberal agitator exploit the racial divide.

For every shooting in America, there's talk about what the shooter's motives were. Witness said that Charleston shooter Dylann Storm Roof told a woman that he wanted to shoot because in his mind, Blacks are raping our White women, taking over the government and ruining the country.

That seems pretty racially motivated. Despite the conservative agitators trying to make it less than what it seems, Black America has seen it one too many times.

And of course, the verb crew. The would have, should have, could have, may have crowd.
These old farts are concern trolls too. When an event that occurs in America involving Black men, these agitators find some way to change the subject. They often focus on Barack Obama as the reasons for racial unrest. Their audience could be inspired to carry out a terrorist attack.
Again, a person who is motivated to shot will not care who gets hits. A concealed carry shooter will likely be the first person gunned down. Cause a shooter isn't going talk to you. He's gonna shot you.

Let's blame Obama, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Black America, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives and whoever we can type in our social media comment section.

You have a right to point the finger at everyone but the shooter. Given the polarizing media coverage of shootings and the racial divide, it's expected that someone will find some issue with it.

Black right wing troll Kevin Jackson.
There's no difference between a 21 year old who killed nine to a 21 year old who killed a member of law enforcement. But to the concern trolls, it's a matter of that racial skin color.

So tell me what event happened in America that involved guns?

I mean there's probably over 100 incidents within the minute I've typed.

Concern trolls are pathetic. They often find some tangent to a situation. Check it. If there were six major events where the police used brutal or deadly force on Black Americans, the concern troll will find some reason to discredit the need for better policing.

The concern troll will bitch about Black crime in America. They will say that without cops, armed vigilantes, stop-and-frisk tactics, Blacks wouldn't cause so much crime.

They say that Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims shouldn't own firearms. They believe that Obama doesn't talk about criminal behavior by Black America. They believe that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not concerned.

Oh course, they're concerned. Sharpton has done many events in which he's discussed the gun violence in Chicago and many other cities.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Kevin Jackson, Bill O'Reilly, Fox News The Drudge Report, Colin Flaherty and Charles C. Johnson are notorious concern trolls. They have no shame in what they do. They are considered enemies of the Black community. Those who associate around them are often extremists.

These agitators say in one breath the need for gun control. This need only applies for non-White citizens. They can't go a day without dragging President Barack Obama's name into a controversy.

How many more times?

Mass shootings in America is almost like a daily occurrence.

Words by Jon Stewart. The comedian may end his season with these powerful words. Retirement is one thing he's looking forward too. But in the meanwhile, he continues on with his style of taking on the news. In this video, he didn't joke much about the tragedy. He basically went right on it.

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