Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Cleveland Ex-Cop's Freedom Was Short-Lived!

Ex-cop Michael Brelo (right) was busted for aggravated assault. Mike and brother Mark (left) will face a judge in the coming days. Mike got off a murder charge in the killing of Cleveland residents Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

The ex-Cleveland Ohio police officer who fired 15 out of 137 rounds into a vehicle with unarmed motorists is going to face a judge again. He got into a drunken fight with his twin brother in Bay Village. Now he's about to head back for aggravated assault.

Mike Brelo is charged only a few weeks after he was acquitted of murder. The families of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams aren't happy that this cop walked.

I bet you money, they're not happy to hear this clown is back in the news.

On May 27, Mike and his brother Mark were at their home and apparently they got upset with one another.

The fist were flying and the police were called. Bay Village Police got the cuffs on the brothers.

They've turned themselves in. They got a "get out of free card" and will be facing a judge on these charges.

This is a misdemeanor charge. May carry a few months in county lock up if found guilty.

The Cleveland Police are facing some major controversy. The police under fire for excessive force in apprehensions. Brelo was one of dozen officers who were in pursuit of Tim Russell's vehicle.

Russell picked up Malissa near East Cleveland. The cops knew that Malissa was a pro and they wanted to put Russell in lock up for getting head. Russell had a bad license and was fearing a lockup and public shaming, took off.

His vehicle was old and rusty. While fleeing the law, his vehicle made a loud pop. The cops mistaken that as gunshots being fired upon them. So after a long pursuit, they were boxed in.
Michael Brelo didn't have one ounce of remorse for the killing of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell.
The cops let them eat lead. They pumped over 137 into the vehicle. Brelo jumps onto the vehicle by the hood and fires into the windshield.

After searching the vehicle, they found that Tim and Malissa had no weapons on them. And that's what led to the trial of Brelo. He was the one who acted more like a mercenary than a cop.

The FBI and Justice Department are still looking into Cleveland's handling of unarmed suspects.

Last year the law pulled a half a second fire on a child playing with a non lethal firearm.

Tamir Rice was another victim of a cop killing. He was 12 year old boy playing with an air rifle. He was killed by Timothy Loehmann.

Loehmann was a rookie cop who had been under scrutiny for his behavior. The Cuyahoga County prosecutor is considering whether this cop walks or faces a judge.

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